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Dong Ba Market: Wander through the enchanting alleys of Hue’s traditional! Dong Ba Market: Wander through the enchanting alleys of Hue’s traditional!

Dong Ba Market: Wander through the enchanting alleys of Hue’s traditional!

Are you the kind of traveler who craves authentic local experiences? If so, markets are the perfect places to dive into the heart and soul of a city.

On your Vietnam tour package through Hue, Dong Ba Market is where you can experience a world full of color, flavor, and excitement.

Ready to discover delicious street food, unique souvenirs, and the everyday hustle of local life?

Join Asia Links Travel as we explore this famous market’s amazing sights, sounds, and tastes. Let’s see what makes Dong Ba Market Hue so special!

1. About Dong Ba Market Hue Vietnam - one of the busiest markets in Hue

1.1. Brief history

Dong Ba market in Hue, Vietnam in 1969

Overview Dong Ba market in Hue, Vietnam in 1969

Before finding out what Dong Ba Market has to offer, let’s take a moment to explore its fascinating history!

Dong Ba Market Hue Vietnam dates back to the early 19th century during the Nguyen reign of Emperor Gia Long, originally named Quy Gia Thi and located outside the Chanh Dong Gate.

It was destroyed in 1885 during the fall of the Hue Imperial City but was rebuilt and renamed Dong Ba by Emperor Dong Khanh in 1887.

In 1899, Emperor Thanh Thai moved the market to its current location, where it has thrived ever since.

Today, Dong Ba Market stands as one of Vietnam’s largest markets, showcasing a rich blend of culture, tradition, and various goods.

1.2. Location

Dong Ba Market is an expansive market, spanning over 47,600 square meters from Gia Hoi Bridge to Trang Tien Bridge.

Positioned at 2 Tran Hung Dao Street with the Perfume River at its back and Tran Hung Dao Street at its front, this bustling hub is a great place for both locals and tourists to buy and sell goods.

Thus, don’t miss the chance to visit this place during your Hue tours!

1.3. Structure

Dong Ba Market has a central 3-story building called the “bell tower”, surrounded by U-shaped rows of stalls. With hundreds of stalls, it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you don’t know your way around.

Here is the “map” of the market that you should keep in mind!

1st Floor

Starting from the 1st floor is where you’ll find dried foods and Hue’s specialty dried products, such as fish sauce, dried shrimp, and dried fish.

The vendors here are very helpful, offering samples and advice, making it easy to choose the best local flavors as gifts for friends and family.

The 1st Floor of Dong Ba Market

The 1st Floor of Dong Ba Market

2nd Floor

Here you’ll find a variety of handicrafts, including incense burners, traditional poem conical hats (Non Bai Tho), bamboo and rattan items, and ceramics.

Stalls on this floor are ideal for picking up souvenirs and keepsakes to remember your Hue Tours.

Highly recommend you buy a conical hat, it’s not only keeps you away from the sunshine but also a great gift to take home!

Variety of handicrafts in Dong Ba Market

Variety of handicrafts in Dong Ba Market

3rd Floor

The highest floor is dedicated to fabrics and clothing. There are also plenty of ready-made clothes available, offering a wide selection for visitors.

If you find beautiful fabrics for traditional Ao Dai dresses, this is the area to find them.

Tip: Local experts from Hue suggest starting your exploration on the 3rd floor of the bell tower and then making your way down to the 1st floor.

1.4. Dong Ba Market opening hours

Dong Ba Market Hue opens at 5 AM and closes around 7 PM. Also, around 7-8 PM, food stalls are set up around the market entrance, perfect for a night Hue food tour.

During special occasions and holidays, the market might stay open a bit later to accommodate shoppers.

However, it’s best to avoid visiting right at opening time. Vendors can be sensitive to early window shopping without purchases, which might not be the best start to your day.

Plan your visit a bit later to enjoy a more relaxed shopping experience!

Tourists explore Dong Ba market

Tourists explore Dong Ba market

2. Things to do on your day trip to Dong Ba Market in Hue, Vietnam

As one of the top places to visit in Hue, Dong Ba Market is a must-see for any traveler. Let’s explore what you can do here to make the most of your visit!

2.1. Choose souvenirs for relatives and friends

Dong Ba Market is the perfect place to find unique and traditional souvenirs to bring home. From clothing to beautifully crafted bamboo items, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t miss the 2nd floor for an array of handcrafted goods, including incense burners, ceramics, and intricate woodwork, and the 3rd floor for fabrics and clothing.

2.2. Satisfy your appetite with a feast of delicious local delicacies

Hue cuisine is incredibly appealing and unforgettable for every visitor. A trip to Hue wouldn’t be complete without exploring the food stalls at Dong Ba Market. Here are some must-try dishes:

  • Banh Nam (flat rice dumplings): Flat rice dumplings with a savory filling.
  • Banh Bot Loc (clear shrimp and pork dumplings): Clear shrimp and pork dumplings wrapped in banana leaves.
  • Che Hue (sweet soup): A sweet dessert soup made with beans, fruit, and coconut milk.
  • Bun Bo Hue (beef noodle soup): A hearty beef noodle soup with a spicy broth, packed with flavors unique to Hue.
  • Com Hen (clam rice): A dish of rice topped with baby clams and a variety of herbs and spices.
  • Nem Lui (grilled pork skewers): Grilled pork skewers served with rice paper and fresh herbs.

Nem Lui (Grilled Pork Skewers) and Bun Bo Hue (beef noodle soup)

Nem Lui (Grilled Pork Skewers) and Bun Bo Hue (beef noodle soup)

3. Step-by-step guide for your tour to Dong Ba Market

If you’ve reached this point and are already eager to visit this market, then keep Scrolling down detailed instructions and preparation tips for your trip to Dong Ba Market!

3.1. Best time to visit Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market makes it incredibly convenient for visitors to explore and dine at any time of day. While visiting the market is possible throughout the day, the most convenient time to explore its interior, shop for gifts, and admire the local handicrafts is typically from 3 PM onwards.

The weather is cooler and more comfortable during this time, allowing for a more relaxed shopping experience. Additionally, bargaining may be easier later in the day.

3.2. How do visitors come to Dong Ba Market?

Dong Ba Market is located right in the center of Hue, it’s very easy for visitors to find. From your accommodation, you can take a motorbike or a taxi to Tran Hung Dao Street or even walk if you stay nearby.

Many hotels and guesthouses also offer bicycle rentals, providing a fun and eco-friendly way to explore the city and visit the market.

Food store in Dong Ba Hue market

Food store in Dong Ba Hue market

3.3. Where to stay near Dong Ba Market for convenience?

For convenience, you should consider staying in accommodations located within walking distance or a short taxi ride away from Dong Ba Market.

The area around Le Loi Street and Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street is popular among tourists and offers a wide range of hotels, guesthouses, and homestays to suit every budget.

If you’re unsure where to stay, you can contact Asia Links Travel for assistance. We can help you choose suitable accommodations and transportation options in Hue Tours, as well as nearby tourist destinations like Danang and Hoian.

3.4. Tips to prepare for your trip to Dong Ba Market in Hue?

  • Bring cash: While some vendors may accept credit cards, cash is the preferred method of payment at Dong Ba Market.
  • Comfortable footwear: The market can be crowded and the floors may be uneven, so wearing comfortable shoes is recommended.
  • Reusable shopping bag: Reduce waste by bringing your own bag for carrying your purchases.
  • Open mind and spirit: Dong Ba Market offers a sensory overload of sights, sounds, and smells. Be open to trying new foods and interacting with local vendors.

Dong Ba Market is one of the iconic markets in Vietnam. Whether you’re shopping for unique souvenirs or trying Hue’s famous dishes, this market gives you a true taste of local life.

Excited to explore Dong Ba Market and the wonders of Hue? Contact Asia Links Travel for help with accommodations, travel plans, and personalized tours.

We’ll make sure you have the best experience in Hue and other Vietnam central places like Danang and Hoian.

Create your trip at this with Asia Links Travel DMC in Vietnam today!

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