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Places to Visit in Mai Chau Places to Visit in Mai Chau

Mai Chau

Escape the city buzz and find serenity in Mai Chau! Nestled in a peaceful valley, Mai Chau offers a world of rice paddies stretching as far as the eye can see. Imagine waking up in a traditional stilt house, surrounded by lush greenery and the calming sounds of nature. Mai Chau promises a taste of rural Vietnam, with friendly locals and unforgettable scenery.

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Overview Mai Chau


Lying to the northwest of Vietnam and only 150 kilometers far from Hanoi, Mai Chau seems to belong to another world, without any hustling and bustling. The serene and picturesque valley of Hoa Binh Province, nested in hills is home to a multitude of rice paddy fields and horizon-reaching mountains.

Nowadays, despite becoming an emerging hotbed for tourism, Mai Chau still maintains and treasures its signature rural atmosphere, one of the appealing factors to flocks of tourists from all over the world.


Almost around the year, the climate is similarly nice and pleasant with lower rainfall and humidity, compared to the rest northern cities.
Should you love to visit in comfortable conditions, opt for September to May, when sunlight is warm for cycling and trekking tours. The period between October to November and February to May is especially favorable, for your recommendation.

The time between November and February is quite challenging due to the cold atmosphere. Make sure you avoid June to September since it is the monsoon season with strong breezes and high humidity, making the climate fairly hot and tiresome.



Nowhere can beat Mai Chau as the best indulgence in the stunning natural beauty for relaxation. The most preferred activity to mingle with the surroundings, needless to say, is trekking with one of the most popular routes being from the Ban Lac Thai villages to Xa Linh’s Hmong village.

Throughout the challenging journey of around 18 km, trekkers enjoy a great opportunity to relish the charming surroundings as well as blend in with the authentic life of the indigenous by witnessing them working happily in the fields, busily growing farms, or doing delicate hand-made craftings.

Trekking Mai Chau

Mountain and Cave Exploration

Next comes the Thung Khe mountain pass, one of the most ideal locations for a panoramic view of Mai Chau. Deemed as the rare witness of all 4 seasons in just one day, this mountain-nestled road experiences all shades of nature: from misty spring in the morning to crisp summer in the afternoon, followed by chilling autumn in the evening and ends up in the typical coldness of winter at night.

Should you love exploring impressive caves, another highlight in Mai Chau, don’t miss out on some signature locations like Chieu Cave or 1000 Step Cave. Situated at the summit of steep hills, those places used to be the prayers’ chamber for meditation but are now widely open for tourism.

There are a multitude of stalactites and stalagmites as well as rock formations in different shapes and sizes to keep in awe of the natural mystery. Surrounding these caves are landscape-dotted colorful houses in traditional style, terraced fields, and marvelous mountain backgrounds.

No less intriguing is Mo Luong Cave of Pu Kha Mountain, which deserves to be a sophisticated labyrinth of the modern age. Comprised of 4 rock formations -  adorned grottoes, the cave glisters the mysterious darkness.

Culture and Arts Tour

A trip to Mai Chau, as with other ethnic minorities in Vietnam, cannot be completed without an insight into the local cultural life. One of the most unique features of culture is bamboo stilt houses. Dropping by these houses, getting inside, having a chit chat, and even asking for an overnight sleep are memorable experiences so that you can get a better understanding of the local routine as well as the hospitality of local families.

Don’t forget to enjoy local dinners made out of fresh produce, enhanced by the tasty and warm flavor of local rice wine. Sleeping space inside those stilt houses is quite exciting as offering an open and pure atmosphere to harmonize with nature.

Culture and Arts Tour

Culture and Arts Tour in Mai Chau

As far as art is concerned, exquisite and creative brocades delicately hand-weaved by local women will certainly keep you in awe. Not only the products themselves but the whole crafting process is enjoyable, with colorful threads being intricately controlled to result in fantastic patterns.

You can even ask for a try to in such a skillful work yourself to appreciate more this essential livelihood of ethnic groups. One more art to enjoy is Thai folk dancing, which comes alive with colorful images of young girls and boys in traditional outfits dancing, waving to fans, cheering, and exchanging romantic gestures.

Last but not least is the Sunday market, the most vibrant social hangout of the locals. Coming to the market, you can witness the locals from different villages streaming in to sell local produce and socialize with peers. The most famous for your recommendation is Pa Co Market, which lies 20 km away from Mai Chau.


There is a multitude of local products and unique souvenirs to take home, available at various markets for your visit and to satisfy your artistic taste. Below are some places recommended for you to get the most authentic souvenirs.

Muong Ethnic Market: This lovely place, situated along the Thung Khe Pass track, is quite enjoyable among tourists. There is a variety of things such as local foods like steamed corn, freshly farmed vegetables, and unique flowers.'

Muong Ethnic Market

Muong Ethnic Market

Pa Co Sunday Market: Another signature market you can’t miss, offering a wide range of livestock, fruit and vegetables, local delicacies, especially local white wine, as well as delicate souvenirs from hand-weaved clothes, and broderies.


Bring along Basic Medicines

It is to be noted that Mai Chau is still rural and under-equipped, it is quite challenging to buy medicines in case health problems crop up. Therefore, it’s best to prepare basic medicines like painkillers and anti-diarrhea.

Pack Good Clothes

Most of the activities are involved in cycling and trekking. Therefore, sportswear and comfortable outfit and footwear is a must to prepare. Besides, include in your packaging hats, glasses, and sun cream to avoid heating outdoors. If you go in winter, then be well-prepared with warm clothes like a jacket, scarf, and gloves.

Pack Good Clothes

Sportswear and comfortable outfit and footwear is a must to prepare

Take Enough Cash

Like most rural areas in Vietnam, there would be no sight of ATMs. As a result, you must bring along more cash than intended to make sure you don’t run out of money mid-trip. However, be cautious and get all your money as well as personal items well-secured.

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