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Places to Visit in Ngapali Beach Places to Visit in Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach

Escape to Myanmar's paradise beach, Ngapali! White sand, swaying palms, and crystal-clear waters lapping at the shore promise a relaxing beach break. Nicknamed "Little Napoli" for a reason, Ngapali offers relaxation fit for royalty. Explore luxurious resorts, unwind on pristine beaches, or try exciting water sports. Dive deeper and discover your Myanmar beach bliss!

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Curious about your summer getaway? Imagine exploring Mandalay, Bagan & Inle Lake before basking on the sunny shores of Ngapali in Myanmar. Let's plan your trip!

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Overview Ngapali Beach


Ngapali Beach is a sliver of Myanmar that is separated from the rest of the nation by a mountain range. It's a long, palm-fringed length of beach on the western side, filled with fancy hotels and small fishing villages. The aquamarine waters are tranquil and clear here. Let yourself unwind in nature's serene surroundings, where you will have the most enjoyable experience.

Ngapali Beach provides you with the chance to experience some of the local cultures. Charming fishing towns dot the area, and you can watch the fishermen at work as they haul in the day's catch. In addition to relaxing on the beach and taking in breathtaking sunsets, Ngapali Beach also gives you a chance to learn about the local customs. In addition to providing a glimpse into rural Myanmar, Ngapali Beach is home to a number of cultural landmarks, including handicraft villages and markets. Let's try them all and have the best time here.

With the Myanmar trip offered by Asia Links Travel, you can enjoy the best adventure with unforgettable memories!


Ngapali beach overview

What to do and what to see in Ngapali?

You might wonder about what to do on your Ngapali trip, so let’s spend time finding the information about what to do on your Myanmar tour. Well - prepared plan will help you to have a convenient and happy trip.

First of all, one of the must-do things on a visit to Ngapali in Myanmar is to soak in the area's beauty. You will undoubtedly spend a lot of time unwinding, playing in the water, and taking in the sunset when you visit the greatest beach in Myanmar. This beach is 7.5 kilometers long, which makes it even more spectacular! Ngapali beach is described as a never-ending line of white and blue with a coconut palm border. It is safe to swim and play in the sea because of the calm waves and coral reefs that surround the beach. There are several wonderful places to unwind in the coconut palm line along Ngapali beach, especially when it becomes quite hot during midday. The Lighthouse is a great site to watch the sunset on the beach. Most boat trips from Thandwe will make a stop here, or you may walk there quickly from the end of the Ngapali fishing town. Let's capture a thousand photos of this beautiful area to put into your adventure album.


Visiting Ngapali fishing town, Myanmar

Additionally, you should explore and learn more about the daily life of the locals while you are in a Myanmar trip. You may stroll around marketplaces or visit the fishing village to learn more about their everyday life. The Dwar Yar Waddy Market is located in Thandwe's town center, around 25 minutes by e-bike from Ngapali Beach. There are fruits, vegetables, and fish everywhere you go in the indoor area. Inside, we only noticed a few other international visitors; generally, we observed mainly natives continuing their daily activities. You may visit Ngapali fishing village, which is located at the south edge of the beach. The standing Buddha statue is just across the water, and the vibrant boats appear to stretch on forever. You will also notice and smell a lot of fish drying out across the town on long blue tarps. 

Myanmar is well-known for its pagodas and monuments. As a result, you ought to spend some time going to the nearby landmark. The Tilawkasayambhu statue is one of the most iconic of this region. Although it can be seen for miles along the shore, the only way to fully appreciate it getting closer.

Water activities are necessary when visiting Ngapali. Here, the water is indeed clean and transparent. Therefore, this is the ideal location to dive in and explore tropical marine life. Travelers may choose from a variety of water sports such as kayaking, fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. The most common one seems to be snorkeling. The seas near Pearl Island are usually regarded as some of the most beautiful in the vicinity. You may take a boat out to the island, anchor it a little way offshore, and then spend the rest of the day snorkeling or scuba diving to see a variety of vibrant fish species and rare turtles.


Experiencing scuba diving in Ngapali beach

In addition, you may fly in a hot air balloon. You will get an opportunity to see the Bay of Bengal's pristine shoreline as it softly drifts past virgin hills and forests. With its rich natural diversity, this area provides breathtaking views of lively marketplaces with hospitable locals, golden temples and pagodas, and the elegant Kissapanadi river that flows through the old imperial town of Thandwe. This has to be one of the most amazing experiences you've ever had!

What to eat and drink in Ngapali?

Food is one of the most essential things that attract guests, so you should not neglect the cuisine of this location when visiting Myanmar.

Seafood is harvested from October to April, and a huge amount of fresh fruit and vegetables, and other ingredients are transported here by overland trucks from the plains of mainland Myanmar during this period.

Along the southern coast, seafood is a common element in Burmese cuisine. The most frequent meal in Ngapali Beach is a dish of seafood, either fish or prawns, accompanied by a bowl of rice or noodle soup.

Chefs offer ocean cuisine with western inspiration: fish fillets, tuna sandwiches, shrimp soup, and seafood platters may satisfy all visitors.

Fish is the most common type of seafood observed in Ngapali Beach. Snapper, grouper, and barracuda are just a few of the many species of fish captured in the seas around Ngapali. A variety of dipping sauces are provided with the majority of the fish, which is either grilled or fried.

Shrimp, squid, and crab are some seafood dishes that are frequently served at restaurants around Ngapali Beach. These foods are frequently served with rice and a hot curry sauce.

If you want to have a truly unique seafood experience, go to one of the Ngapali Beach restaurants that specializes in Burmese seafood. Ngapi (fermented fish paste), mohinga (fish and rice noodle soup), and balachaung (a spicy fried shrimp paste) are among the best delicious foods here.


Enjoying Balachaung, a special cuisine in Myanmar

The grilled fish is an excellent choice for a light lunch. Try the curry crab or the fried rice with shrimp if you want something a little heartier. Besides, no meal at Ngapali Beach will be complete without a bowl of fresh, steamed crabs.

If you're not interested in seafood, Ngapali Beach has lots of other wonderful choices. A favorite among locals is chicken and rice, and beef noodles are also popular. Try the Burmese-style fried chicken for something a little different; it accompanies with a tasty chilli sauce.

It's wonderful to sip a bottle of cold Mandalay beer with fried rice, Burmese fish curry, grilled tiger prawns, and fried noodles.

When to visit Ngapali

You need to be mindful of the climate of the destination to plan the ideal vacation. Here are some details on the weather in Ngapali to help you enjoy the greatest trip to Ngapali.

The three different seasons of Ngapali's tropical monsoon climate are the cool season (October to February), the hot season (March to April), and the wet season (May to September).

Cool season: From October to February, the average daily high temperature is approximately 31°C. Air humidity is also low as a result of a substantial decline in rainfall. This means that the climate during these months is usually warm and dry.

During the cool season, all types of activities are appropriate, particularly outdoor activities and water sports.

The best time to visit Ngapali Beach is during the cold season, but because it is also the busiest time of the year, costs for lodging and travel will rise.

Hot season: From March through April, the highest daily temperature can reach 41°C. However, because it is only 23°C at night, it is comfortable to stroll along the beach.

While it is not advised to engage in intense exercise during these two months, water activities might help you cool off a bit during the scorching hot days.

Wet season: The wet season, which is also the off-peak travel period, lasts from early May to late September. There will be constant storms and rains, along with a substantial rise in rainfall and humidity. In the Ngapali area, rainfall even accounts for around 94% of the entire annual rainfall in June, July, and August.

The rainy season is certainly not the ideal time to visit Ngapali Beach because the majority of hotels and restaurants will be closed.

Tours to Ngapali

Ngapali is a worth-visiting place for you to explore. For a nice adventure trip in Myanmar, you should contact Asia Links Travel to have better Myanmar itineraries.

Ngapali Trekking: It will be an exciting excursion to discover the magnificent scenery hidden among the woods that surround Ngapali Beach. You'll pass through a number of villages, go through dense woodland on shady pathways, and take in breathtaking views of rice paddies. The further you travel, the more you will discover about the customs and way of life of the Ngapali people.

Ngapali sightseeing tour: Ngapali is an excellent choice during the Myanmar trip package for beach lovers seeking tranquility, white sand, peaceful rural settings, and traditional fishing methods. Visitors may take in breathtaking sunset views, take boat cruises to the Pearl Islands, rest under palm trees, and discover unspoiled white sand beaches and crystal blue water.

Ngapali boat tour: You may also take a boat tour of the surrounding waters of Ngapali Beach.  A simple ride down the coast to the neighboring town of Thandwe on a traditional long-tail boat is a good choice, or you may choose a full-day boat tour.

Yangon and Ngapali tour: During your Myanmar vacation, you'll get the chance to discover the most picturesque locations. While Yangon has a lot to offer, including traditional Burmese cuisine, and strolling the streets admiring the colonial architecture, Ngapali Beach is a haven of white sand, crystal-clear seas, and groves of charming coconut trees. In Myanmar, you may immerse yourself in both majestic landscapes and sacred buildings.

Hope you have enough information before taking a Myanmar Travel Tour. If you have any difficulties, contact Asia Links Travel to have the best support.

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