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Places to Visit in Pindaya Places to Visit in Pindaya


Pindaya is a picturesque town, well-known for its limestone caves, beautiful lakeside setting, and locally produced traditional Shan paper umbrellas.

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Start:  Mandalay
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Explore all things to do in Pindaya 2024

Start:  Mandalay
End:  Yangon

14 Day Yangon to Mandalay with Ananda Cruise

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Overview Pindaya

Pindaya Overview

Pindaya is a picturesque town located in the beautiful Shan State landscape. Pindaya is well-known for its limestone caves, beautiful lakeside setting, and locally produced traditional Shan paper umbrellas. The caves are set deep in the hillsides and feature over 6000 Buddhas of varying sizes constructed of white marble, bronze, or plaster and decorated with gold leaf.

Pindaya itself is a charming lakeside town with a variety of colonial-era structures. The well-known Pindaya Caves are undoubtedly Pindaya's biggest draw, but there are a ton of other things to do there as well!

This is an attractive destination to explore if you want to take pictures, observe, or purchase any of Myanmar's handicrafts directly from the artisan!

Additionally, Pindaya offers a wide variety of delicious meals that are distinctive to Pindaya.

Don’t hesitate to take a best Myanmar tour, or you will feel regretful!


Discovering the cave pagoda of Pindaya, Myanmar

What to do and what to see?

One of the most intriguing things to do is to visit Pindaya Cave: The Pindaya Caves must be the area's biggest attraction. The Pindaya cave is a significant place of pilgrimage for Burmese Buddhists and a fascinating sight for visitors. Buddha statues are crammed into every space in the cave, approaching the ceiling. Along with the pictures, there are a few little pagodas among the stalagmites and stalactites. The diverse styles of the Buddha pictures reflect the several times in which they were created. Many are constructed of gold-plated, while others are made of bronze, marble, teak wood, or other materials. Many are tiny, while others are life-size.

Besides, you may learn more about the culture of the locals by seeing the process of making handicrafts in Pindaya: People who are curious about Myanmar's arts and crafts will like and respect the country's family-run manufacturers and artists, and you should add it on your list of must-do activities while visiting. You may go to a small paper umbrella factory (they sell many other beautiful artifacts made from rice paper). You get to see the many steps in the umbrella-making process, starting with the creation of the rice paper itself and continuing through the carving of the bamboo base of the umbrella and the hand painting of the umbrella itself. Parasol umbrellas serve mostly as decorative decorations but are effective in preventing the scorching Myanmar sun.


Handicrafts, Pindaya

What to eat and what to drink?

Myanmar is also known for its fantastic food, so you'll be able to find delicious food anywhere. 

Because Pindaya is in Shan State, Shan noodles should be on your list of foods to try. One of the most popular foods in Myanmar is Shan noodles. They can be found at every restaurant and eatery. They come with the same sauce whether you eat them as soup or salad. It's different with the noodles. Whether they are thick and round for the salad or sticky and flat for the soup, rice noodles are a common popular food.

If you're interested in Pindaya cuisine, you should also try the chickpea tofu soup (Tofu Nway). In Shan State, tofu nway is typically chosen for breakfast, however it may be eaten at any time of the day. This meal is pleasant and satisfying because of the tofu paste.

If you are on a Myanmar trip, you could also try Shan fish rice. Steamed Shan rice, cooked fish chunks, and garlic oil are all ingredients in this meal. It was served as a mixture ball with crispy fried noodle flakes, spring onions, and fried dried chiles on top. All Shan meals come with a small bowl of soup and Monnyinchin (pickled mustard greens) on the side.

You should also try Shan Sticky Rice, Meeshay, and Mohinga…

Regarding drinks, tea is the most widely consumed beverage and a significant element of the culture in Myanmar. Let's sample it!


Enjoying street food at the night market in Pindaya Myanmar

When to visit Pindaya

Pindaya experiences warm weather all year round, similar to many other regions of Myanmar.

In Myanmar, there are three primary seasons: the cool, the hot, and the rainy.

March and June

In Myanmar, Mid-March and Mid-June are hot months and seasons, and Shan State is the ideal spot to travel during these times.


April is the summer month, as well as the transitional month from the hot season to the rainy season. The water festival, which is also known as Myanmar's new year celebration, is celebrated by Burmese people in April all throughout the city. This is the greatest time for people to enjoy the festival.

May to October

May to October are the wet months. You should create a plan including inside activities during this time because the weather may influence outside activities.

November to February

The ideal months to visit Myanmar are November to February because the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Visit Pindaya from November to February if you wish to avoid the heat; these are the months with the best weather.

Tours to Pindaya

You might feel confused about your itinerary during the Myanmar vacation, contact Asia Links Travel for the best support. Let’s make an unforgettable trip together. 

Pindaya Cave Tour: Over 9,000 Buddha sculptures, sometimes known as "images," are located in a labyrinth of twisting natural caves and tunnels that are situated high on a limestone hill above the town. Every year, a large number of figurines are placed by devotees in the hopes of gaining favor in return for their efforts.

Pindaya Inle Lake tour: When you travel to Pindaya, you might continue exploring Inle lake because the distance is very close. Inle Lake is well-known for its floating towns, gardens, and the distinctive way of life of the Intha locals, who construct their whole communities around the lake. Mountains encircle the lake on all sides, providing a stunning natural vista. You may observe some of the rarest species in this area, which is home to a variety of animals and plants. Your Myanmar vacation will be more memorable if you spend some time here.


Discovering Inle Lake

Pindaya Trekking: It's enjoyable to go on a trek around Pindaya. The trek is enjoyable because of the stunning scenery surrounding Pindaya and the hospitable residents who share their fascinating stories. Due to the diversity of vegetables that are grown here, Shan State is referred to as "the basket of vegetables." It's fun to visit local workshops where things like umbrellas, tea, and cheroot (cigars) are produced.

Pindaya and Mandalay: After finishing your adventure in Pindaya, let’s continue your Myanmar trip with the next destination is Mandalay. Mandalay is Myanmar's second largest city after Yangon. It was once the nation's royal capital and is now the location of many pagodas, temples, monasteries, and other Buddhist institutions. Many enthusiasts and pilgrims travel to Mandalay to admire the magnificent golden pagodas and bright Buddha sculptures that are unique to this city.

Pindaya and Bagan: Bagan is also a great destination for you to explore during Myanmar vacation. Visit this fascinating ancient town that is home to over 2,200 temples of various sizes. Bagan will undoubtedly captivate you with its mystical appearance as it is situated amid lush forests on the Ayeyarwady river basin with foggy mountains in the background. Visitors are exposed to a picturesque setting as the temples peak above the woodland canopy. It must be one of the most memorable experiences you will have ever had!

Hope that you already have the detailed information for your Pindaya trip. If you have any difficulties, contact Asia Links Travel for the best service. With Asia Links Travel, let’s make a memorable trip together!

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