Vietnam Airlines has introduces a new Meet and Greet Service which is now available at three popular airports in Vietnam, Noibai International Airport, Danang International Airport and Tan Son Nhat International Airports. This service is launched with the view of assisting passengers in departure, arrival and transit as conveniently as possible.

Before boarding on the plane, passengers which register this service will be warmly greeted and assisted by employees of Vietnam Airport Ground Services Company at check-in counters before getting on the planes. Using the service will provide them with priority in security procedures. After that, passengers will be directly escorted to gate of the airplane quickly.

Besides, when the plane lands, employees of Meet and Greet Service will wait passengers and welcome them at the gate or at the entrance to the terminal. Every procedure including immigration procedures, passport control or baggage checking will be completed smoothly with their assistance and then passenger will be taken to the terminal exit.

For passengers transitting at Noibai International Airport, Danang International Airport and Tan Son Nhat International Airports, the employees of this service will greet them at the gate or the entrance to the terminal, guide them to complete transit and security procedures as fast as possible and escort them to the entrance of the terminal for their next flights.  

meet and greet service

Meet and greet Service is promising to support passengers especially the old in completing procedures fast and easily. 

Passengers will have to pay a fee for the meet and greet service although those who have mobility issues can receive assistance without any payment due. Business Traveller Asia-Pacific has contacted with Vietnam Airlines to confirm the price for the service. Travellers can book the service at Vietnam Airlines’ ticket offices 24 hours before the flight.

The Meet and Greet service is being offered in some major airlines including Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Air France and Etihad, to bring added convenience to their passengers. You can register this services to have the best experiences. Our Asia Links Travel is willing to conduct and support you to sign up this convenient service.

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