Vang Vieng is part of the Vientiane province, which is in the north of Laos. Travel to the far north of Vientiane city (95 mile away), where the Nam Song river passes through, towering limestones and endless of paddy field are situated, that’s is where you reach to Vang Vieng. With spacious area of plain terrain and scattered mountains, this is an ideal destination to go on a vacation.


Best time to make a trip to Vang Vieng is from November to March, when the dry season occurs, gentle wind flows, light sunny shine and pleasure temperature provided. From March to May, temperature can go up to 40°C and is the region’s hottest season.

From the end of May to October, the region is wet throughout the time. Although it won’t be too severe but impact enough to make your trip a difficult one.


  • Tube Down the River

Tubing is still a spotlight that no tourist wants to pass. To take an enjoyable experience of tubing on the Nam Song river, you will have hired an inflatable inner tube from the tubing center along the Nam Song river (as convenient), or else you can rent them anywhere you want and carry them to the tubing point that you like to start.

This floating trip will take you about 3 hours to finish, but you can stop en route for cold drinks in bars. Best time to go is about 2 pm in the evening. For preserving your facilities, bring less and put them in a dry bag. Along the way, beautiful site is really pleasing.

  • Go Crazy with Water Sports

Deep in the forest, exist the pristine Blue Lagoons and spectacular waterfalls, emerging the entire body to the blue and cool water is surely relaxing. Lagoons are easily founded in the caves and around the remote villages. Among all the cascading waterfalls, you should witness the Kaeng Nyui - one of the most beautiful in Vang Vieng.

Or if you want to explore something drier but also as interesting, go kayaking or cruising on the wooden local boat are top in the list. Along the Nam Song river, the images of gorgeous view with green forest and pebble river bank will make you pleased.

  • Take a Bike Tour

Famous for its untouched nature, every moment spend in here would be so worthy. Starting from 8am in the morning would help you enjoy fulfill your cycling trip.

Rent a bike at your hotel and then join your group (suggest not to run alone) and together ride through endless rice paddle fields, mountain’s foot, villages of H’mong, organic farms on Route 13. Along the way you ride, there are trails that lead to different spots, it is your choice to decide whether heading for the mountainous area or the cool air of the river Nam Song.

  • Up in the Hot Air Balloon

Not only you who curious about the picturesque of Vang Vieng from above but also does tens of tourists. Wake up before dawn and book for the Balloon tour soon to experience as soon as possible. It is pretty expensive for the price of 80$ (could raise up) per one balloon but when you up there, money is not a matter to you any more, because what you are going to see is the picture of wordless.

  • Contemplate Beautiful Caves

Caves are the treasure to Vang Vieng, each one of it possess a stunning unique beauty that you would be so impressed. Explore the Tham Sang Triangle - four caves in walking distance of one another. Another suggestion, Tham Poukham cave always welcomes visitor with a stunning reclining Buddha image. Or you can head for the Blue Lagoons and discover at the same time in Tham Nam cave.

  • Climb the Mountains

Perhaps the experience of rock mountain climbing is just for the strong and dauntless people. If you are the one that gather those characteristics, then you should travel to Pha Daeng mountain to take this extreme sport.

Or make it easier, go trekking to the mountains of Phangern, Pha Ngeun. It is better to start from the mornings so that the sun and the scene can perfectly combine and provides you picturesque site when you make it on the peak. Bring the camera along to memorize your enjoyable moment.


  • Prepare Laos cash due to its lack of ATM.
  • Learn Laos basic phases
  • Bring a hat and swimsuit for some awesome water - based activities
  • To travel cheap, take the bus, hire a bike or walk instead of catching tuk tuk.
  • Learn to bargain at the market.
  • Bring along toilet paper.
  • Don’t do close sexual contact in public.
  • Don’t trap in a conflict or fight with locals.
  • Don’t travel to natural region alone.

Make your trip last as long as you like because of the greatness of Vang Vieng. It is your time to forget the bustle urban life and join the plain but spectacular rural rhythm.

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