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Top Vietnamese Food - A must-try list Top Vietnamese Food - A must-try list

Top Vietnamese Food - A must-try list


Not in upper restaurants or expensive eateries can delicacies meals be found. Vietnamese tasty dishes are actually served in humble-looking restaurants. It can be in those endless alleys or alongside the sidewalk that one can find family-owned restaurants, stalls, vendors, food carts with cheap prices. Among those delicious food served, typical must-try and mouth-watering Vietnamese dishes are listed below.  


Pho Ha Noi, Vietnam

Pho Hanoi, Vietnam 

Pho is a Vietnamese signature dish that spread its fame to many nations around the world and being number one on our list of Vietnamese food. The exceptional dish includes flat white rice noodles, meat, and a full-bowl bone broth. A typical Pho bowl concludes of rice noodles, beef meatballs, carved beef, onions, scallions, shallots, beansprout. Additional spices alongside are a bowl of chili sauce, hoisin-based sauce, wedges of lime, and a small plate of herbs (basil, mint, cilantro). The bone broth is excellent, ingredients and sauce create a perfect combination in our mouth. Pho is the star for breakfast and dinner. Easily found down on the streets, along the sidewalks, in alleys, local markets.

Average price range: 25.000 to 50.000 VND/ bowl 

Hủ Tiếu Nam Vang 

Widely sold in the morning and be popular among the locals. According to the way Vietnamese people make it, the dish is a combination of pig’s bone broth, thin and transformed white rice noodles, slices of pork, shrimps, seasonings, scallion, spout, and garlic. It has both soup and dry version, the later is better for someone who likes the rich savory taste. The soup tastes fantastic, the dry version is absolutely addictive. Served with fresh herbs, wedges of lime, cut chili pepper, pepper. 

Average price range: 25.000 to 50.000 VND/ bowl 

Bún bò

Bun Bo Hue

Bun bo Hue 

Bun Bo is another kind of Vietnamese noodle soup dish but owns its really different flavor from the previous ones. The broth is made of pig, cow’s bone, herbs and other special flavored, all together stewed in hours. When it is done, the broth will be poured into a bowl of round white rice noodles, added with scallion, beansprout, onions, cut beef, pork bologna, grilled fish. Sides portions are a plate of herbs, a small bowl of cut chili, fish sauce, lime. Popular for breakfast and is a typical traditional dish, originates in Hue. 

Average price range: 25.000 to 55.000 VND/ bowl 

Bánh mì - Stuffed Meat Baguette

Banh Mi is the most common Vietnamese food across the country. For those who have a rush to work, school or just simply prefer a cheap and quick meal, then Banh mi is the number one option. It is like a short baguette of the French, the filling inside is ranges of meat like ham, pork, chicken, plus pate, butter, pickled daikon and carrot, pepper, chili sauce, soy sauce (all can be customized). No matter how tempting it may sound just from the description of the ingredients, the taste of the first bite of Banh Mi might explode inside your mouth like fireworks. Banh mi in these days is not only just bread with meat, but some places also provide other kinds of meat in the middle like pork meatballs and tomato sauce, egg, fish, grilled fish, sausage, etc. It is convenient to find Banh Mi eateries, they are commonly sold in every corner of every city in Vietnam. Banh mi in each different region has its own unique flavor, especially in Hoian. So, make sure you have tried them all.

Average price range: 15.000 to 30.000 VND/ loaf

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Cơm tấm - Broken rice

It literally means broken rice and is the southern Vietnamese specialty. Being known as the dish for every class, especially the middle, Com Tam is both inexpensive and savory. It is traditionally served with a fried egg, grilled pork shoulder, pieces from meatloaf, shredded pork skin, cut and cooked scallion, slices of tomatoes, pickled daikon and carrot, and the ingredient that completes the dish is cooked the fish sauce. The morning time is the best time Com Tam can mostly be found. Com Tam is the most favorable Vietnamese food in the south of Vietnam. 

Average price range: 25.000 to 55.000 VND/ plate

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Bánh Xèo - Vietnamese Pancake 

Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo 

Do not forget to check out Banh Xeo – Vietnamese hearty dish when visiting the country. It is most alike to crepe or pancake. To make Banh Xeo, they spread out on the pan the mixed liquid of rice flour, turmeric, and coconut milk. Then, other materials are put into the cake, such as slices of boiled pork, shrimps, beansprout. When the cake is crispy enough, they fold it into two and display on plate. It is served with a bowl of cooked fish sauce and pickle, a large dish of fresh green herbs. To eat like Vietnamese style, wrap a small piece of Banh Xeo in vegetable leaves and dip it into the sauce, then enjoy the dish. The most reputable place for Banh Xeo that you should visit is located in Ho Chi Minh City is at 46A Dinh Cong Trang St, District 1. The price for a set there is higher than normal but worth-a-try and you can directly witness how to make Banh Xeo with their quick and professional hands.

Average price range: 25.000 to 100.000 VND/ portion

Bánh Cuốn - Vietnamese Steamed Rice Roll

Banh Cuon is flavorful when it is mixed with many savory materials. The minced and mixed wood ear mushroom, pork, and onions are wrapped inside a soft and moist rice-based cover. Then, with a pinch of fried shallots and fresh herbs sprinkled on Banh Cuon's surface, a bowl of completely balanced seasoned fish sauce bowl on the side, your serving for Banh Cuon is done.  This traditional Vietnamese breakfast is found in most eateries in the morning.

Average price range: 25.000 to 50.000 VND/ plate

Gỏi Cuốn - Fresh Spring Roll

This will be a delicious snack to have after the main meals. To make Goi Cuon, many ingredients are wrapped in a translucent rice paper, such as vermicelli white noodles, vegetables (salad, basil, etc.), seafood, slices of pork. It goes paired with a hoisin-based sauce that chopped with crushed peanuts, or fish sauce. What makes this dish flavorful is that it is dipped in fish sauce mixed in an exotic way. 

Average price range: 25.000 to 50.000 VND/ plate

Nem - Spring roll

Nem (Spring Roll)

Nem (Spring Roll)

This appetizer is worth-to-try or can have for a light snack. A crispy mild Nem is made from thick rice paper, ingredients are minced meat, shallots, beans, seafood, carrot, and mushrooms. The long and chubby roll should be its final shape, then they are ready to fry, sauces are optional. Spring roll is suitably combined with other famous dishes called Bun Thit Nuong Nem (rice noodles with barbecue pork and spring roll). 

Average price range: 25.000 to 50.000 VND/ set 

Bánh Canh Cua - Noodles Soup with Crab

Banh Canh Cua marks the point with flavorful special taste of seafood and served with nutrients ingredients. The thick broth is made of bones soup, spices and tapioca, rice flour. The noodles are sticky, chewy and thick like udon size. Crab, fish ball, quail eggs, grilled fish, meat, scallion, topped pepper carry the nutrition. 

Average price range: 30.000 to 50.000 VND/ bowl 

Bún Chả - Noodles with Grilled Meatballs

Bun Cha originates from Hanoi and is one of the Vietnamese typical traditional foods. It consists of a white vermicelli white rice noodle that served separately from the sauce. It goes with a plate of fatty pork, grilled pork, one dish of fresh herbs (basil, salad, cucumber) and a bowl of dipping fish sauce. Bun Cha is favored by many tourists around the year, based on the compliment from the review. Bun Cha is one of the Vietnamese foods that you will not have any trouble in finding it in Vietnam.

Average price range: 25.000 to 35.000 VND/ portion 

Other than the substantial Vietnamese food, Vietnamese people create a variety of desserts that are simply scrumptious. Some examples are:

  • Che Troi Nuoc: balls of rice flour and bean paste, dipped in sweet ginger sauce, topped with coconut milk and sesame seeds.
  • Che Chuoi: Banana, Tapioca Pearls and Sweet Coconut Milk soup.
  • Banh Pia, Banh Dau Xanh: Mung Bean pastries.
  • Xi Ma: Black sesame sweet soup

Vietnam has a lot to offer and many undiscovered places that will definitely surprise any traveler. Asia Links Travel is here for you to make your trip to Vietnam even more convenient, pleasant, and mesmerizing.

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