With rich culture, ancient history, delectable cuisine and peaceful, stunning landscapes, booking a trip to Indochina will make you feel like stepping into another world. Our following suggestions are made for our beautiful women and even men who are seeking for unique gifts in order to amaze their wives and girlfriend with a trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.


Have you ever tasted Vietnamese food? Regardless of the answers, you must have heard about Vietnamese food which is very well - known in the world for "Pho", "Banh My" or "Bun Cha". If you have a passion for cooking or simply a food lover and desire to dig deeper into Vietnamese culture, joining in a cooking class in Vietnam is a great idea.

things to do in indochina for women travellers

There are a lot of cooking classes offered in Hanoi, Hoi An or even on cruises in Halong Bay with interesting activities and amazing recipes. You will have a chance to go to the market to pick up the ingredients by yourself, to get to know the exotic spices, herbs of Asia and to interact with the friendly local and immerse in the bustling atmosphere. Furthermore, the class will be led by the exprienced chefs who will either show you the way to cook the dishes or provide you some useful cooking tips.

This is truly a fascinating thing to do in your Vietnam tours, especially for women and the whole family. By joining a cooking class, you will not only get the opportunity to experience Vietnamese cuisines but also expose more to the Vietnamese culture and people. 

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The "Lady Temple" or the "Pink Temple" is the nickname of a very gorgeous construction in the massive Angkor Temple Complex of Cambodia - Banteay Srei. This is a fascinating attraction for women travellers to explore when coming to the land of Cambodia. So, what makes it different from other buildings in Angkor.

The temple was built in the 10th century named as "Tribhuvanamaheśvara", then changed to "Banteay Srei" (means "Citadel of Women" in English) owing to the fact that the temple was built of pink sandstone and the image of "Devata" - a demi goddess was found in many niches of the construction. Furthermore, almost every available surface of Banteay Srei was filled with sophisticated carving details of Khmer culture that survive until the present days.

things to do in indochina for women travellers 2

Another reason you should choose to visit Banteay Srei temple is that you can easily reach to the Phnom Kulen National Park which is only 5 kilometers from the temple by road. Here, you can have an opportunity to encounter some spectacular sites such as the "River of a Thousand Lingas" with the 9th - century stone carvings on the bed of the river, a huge reclining Buddha image and wonderful waterfalls.

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Furthermore, Cambodia is considered as a hidden gem of Southeast Asia featuring one of the world's biggest archaeological sites - Angkor Wat, stunning islands and beaches as well as rich cultural heritage. A trip to the land of Cambodia will definitely not let you down. Take a look at some best itineraries for your Cambodia tours now !


Landlocked and laid - back country of Laos has a rich history stretching back to 10,000 years making it a mysterious, yet interesting destination in Southeast Asia. Laos' most precious resources are great mountain range and intact natural beauty combined with unrivalled peace and serenity. The country is a real paradise for nature lovers and eco - tourism.

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The strong and independent women who love to explore the nature can try trekking through Nam Ha NPA to observe the diverse floral and fauna; kayaking on the river of Nam Song; ziplining and gibbon spotting in Huay Xai; discovering the magnificent waterfalls of Bolaven Plateau or watching Irrawaddy dolphins in 4000 islands.

Laos land promises to give you the time of your life. Check out the best Laos tour packages now.

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The roles of women in the present days are not merely staying at home and doing the errands, they are occupying the important positions in many aspects of society. Thus, stress is unevitable. You may find upset or tired out. You do not have time to relax and that causes your life imbalanced. Then, travel to a different culture will be a great escape from your hustle and buslte life. 

The Golden Land of Myanmar is long famous for thousands of century - old pagodas, temples and monasteries which visitors from both in and outside the country come to find their balance and peace of mind. Blessed with not only the diverse and unique culture of more than 100 ethnic groups, unspoiled nature and above all the hospitable people, Myanmar is a place that you should travel to once in your life.

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Watching sunset and sunrise in Burma is also a great experience for our ladies as the country owns some unique spots to contemplate this wonderful gift of the nature. Balloon over Bagan is a must - do allowing you to enjoy the bird's eye view over the spectacular temple plain of Bagan and the mighty Irrawaddy river. 

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things to do in indochina for women travellers 6

*In this March, we celebrate a very special day for women on March 8 to praise our wonderful ladies in the whole wide world, regardless of race, religion, nationality, or socio - economic status for their contribution and sacrifices. Thus, Asia Links Travel creates an amazing gift for the ladies travelling to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos or Myanmar.

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Because March is your month, let’s travel and enjoy your life!

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