Sihanoukville nestles in the very south of Cambodia, where attaches to the sea. The province consists of the coastal land and two main islands (Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem). Most of the region is influenced plain terrace and to the north of it, it has the high terrain of the mountain. In general, the city of Sihanoukville is not strong about developing economies, its main majority is tourism. Due to the reason, natural landscape, cuisine, and high service are provided in high quality.


Being a southern province of a tropical climate country, its temperature does not change too much around the year. Basically, the season is divided into two main seasons: rainy and dry season. In specific, the category of months bellow will show you a period of time that each season occurs.

November to May: dry season (high season). The temperature is burning in April and May at 330C average.

June to October: the rainy season (low season), usually catch heavy short rain and then bare the high temperature.

November to February: considered as the best time to visit. Light sunshine and the cool breeze would make tourists comfortable.


Beach Hopping

Sihanouk is famous for having many captivating sandy beaches, at which you can lying on the lounge and sunbathing, playing sports on the sand, swimming and riding on sea waves.

Pick on the beach as it is near your accommodation, but if you are looking for others to view catchy beaches, you may want to check these out.

The Independence beach provides you blue sea, broad white sand, and lapping waves.

If you tend to mellow sea and less crowded beach, come to the Prek Cheng to enjoy your time, the scene there is charming and almost wild.

Or else, the Independence beach is gorgeous under sunlight and sunset, and also available for sea cuisine.

Playing Water Sport

Water sport is popular in the area. Therefore, it has various kind of sports available. For catching a cool breeze on the ocean surface, kayaking and sailing would be appropriate to take. The whole new world on the sea bed is attractive as all the time, that is why scuba diving is a favorite sport to all tourists. What can be better when you submerge yourself in the ocean and enjoyably observe the coral reef, the sea creature life?

At that moment, you are completely falling for beach beauty. If an experience of riding fast on sea waves is what you want to take, then when the windup, let’s enjoy the moment of kitesurfing. For cheaper sports, swimming, playing volleyball, building a sand castle, doing yoga would be nice options.

Strolling in the Market

Not really a typical market of Cambodia but you can find many items as food, daily usage, and souvenirs. In particular, check in at the most common market of the vibrant Phsar Leu Market (Upper market) for diverse merchandises of fresh meat, vegetable, auto parts, jewelry, clothing and so on. Or stop by the shop for quicker purchasing, like the M’long Tapang Gift Shop (NGO-based gift shop), which sells handmade.

Sightseeing on Motorcycle

The motorcycle is the most convenient and cheapest way to make a trip around the region. To attain to many spots as possible, you should start off in the morning. Plan a list of your destinations to beaches, streets of a local house, vocational villages and the high hill for catching the whole city view. Motorcycle renting fee is rather cheap, about 5$ per day (the fuel on you).

Go Boating to the Island

Sihanoukville consists of 2 big main islands and much smaller one, because of its distance to the land, it somewhat doesn’t have that bustle hustle rhythm like in the city. It focuses on developing tourism, which brought us well services and most comfortable vacation.

Spend your time on those natural and clear beaches of Pineapple beach (on pineapple island), which is gorgeous with blue sea and such clear water that you can see it bottoms.

Another option, Saracen Bay Beach on the Koh Rong Sanloem islands is one the most beautiful beach of the province. Or in the biggest island of Koh Rong, you can catch many beautiful flat beaches as well and visit its neighboring spots like the High Point Rope Park and the Jewel Orchids.

Relax at the Kbal Chhay Waterfalls

Kbal Chhay is 7 km far from the city of Sihanouk. Then, on the red dirt trail, you will take another 9 km to reach the waterfall. This cascading rocky waterfall is stunning and provides a wide space of flat to take a shower. Along the stream sides, people had built cottages, rest houses, restaurants for tourists in need. Before 1963, the waterfall used to be the whole province of Sihanoukville fresh water source, though it is not anymore the water still keeps it clean and clear.


  • Learn some basic Cambodian phrase
  • Bring along sun protection
  • Learn to bargain at the market.
  • Bring along toilet paper.
  • If you like to buy some souvenirs, street vendors and local market also sell lovely gifts like bracelets, necklaces, pouches or watches that designed in Cambodia style.

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