This lovely city lies in the north - west of the Cambodia and directly nestles by the stunning lake of Tonle Sap. In a very long period of time, the region is most known as a gateway to Angkor complex and has always been famous for lots of tourist attractions.

May be the modern citizens have to send their gratefulness to their ancestors for leaving them unique stupa complex that make the biggest effort to this region tourism. Since it is a modern and civilized city, there’s an airport and diverse means of transport on land for tourists to pick.


Peak tourism season would be from November to March, when the weather is rather pleasure with the average temperature of 25oC, the sun won’t shine so intense and hot. From March to early May, it turns to the hottest season of the year, humidity can raise up to 75%. But in Cambodia, northern temperature is much easier than in southern, so even is this period of time, you can still manage to its heat.

From May to November, monsoon takes place, its peak season in from July to September. Rain can bother your trip and make your transport inconvenient. If possible, try not to visit Siem Reap in this stage.


Admiring Ancient Temples of Angkor Archaeological Park

Siem Reap used to be a prosper city in the past, that’s why it owns so many magnificent temples, the architects with stunning textures, carved statues that mark Cambodia unique style of temples.

Among those complex, stand out the Angkor Wat. This masterpiece was once the capital of Khmer Empire, which believed to be built in XII century. When visiting Siem Reap, Angkor Wat definitely the temple that you have to visit. Other than this, you can pay a visit to others stunning time - honored temples in the city as well, like the Banteay Srei, Bayon, Preah Khan, Phnom Bakheng temple.

Entrance fees to Angkor Archaeological Park:

  • 1 Day - $37USD
  • 3 Days - $62USD (only valid for 3 days in a row)
  • 7 Days - $72USD (only valid for 7 days in a row)

The ticket must be shown at the entrance of the main temples and upon entry of the park. So, keep it with you until your tour finished. The ticket prices mentioned above are not used for entering Phnom Kulen, Koh Ker or Beng Melea Temple. These temples require their own admission fees of $20, $10 and $5, respectively.

Shop at the Night Market

The city has many awesome night markets that sell a whole diverse of items, join the crowded scene at night and spend spree on the local items would be an interesting experience in Siem Reap.

There are many options for you to go, like Angkor Night Market, which sells diverse souvenirs, crafting items, snacks. Siem Reap Art Center Night Market, where you can observe artists working, painting and buy some fantastic picture.

Other than that, you should spend your bucks at Siem Reap Night Market, which sell cotton, silk, clothes, souvenirs, local food, dried products.

Visit the Floating Villages on Tonle Sap Lake

Due to the location that by Tonle Sap lake's banks, right in the outskirt of Siem Reap, there are many fishermen and fishing villages live in plain condition. They live on shore or made their floating houses on the water surface.

To observe their daily life, there’s boating tour available for tourist, also, you can join the fishing and catching fishes with locals, harvesting plants on small gardens. They don’t mind, people in here are pretty friendly and hospitality. In the evening, spend your time there to fully contemplate the sunset, it provides super - duper stunning image.

Visit the Cambodia Landmine Museum

Cambodia remains one of the most mined countries in the world, it had suffered many invades and bombing attacks from outsiders. Over a thousand tons of bomb and mines had laid to the country but many still not explode.

To describe somewhat of the miserable past, they open this museum and display thousands of bombs, mines from many kinds, also images of the wartime. Pay a short visit and learn a bit about their history, it will probably amazing and make you love Cambodian more.

Take a Ride in a Batmobile

Since the traffic system is still in “crazy”, you should best go on foot or hire a full car - trip to sightsee the city. In this case, there are company provides really cute car rent, called Batmobile and Superman tuk - tuk. Price is various to the place to go, usually from $2 - $20 USD. This could be an interesting experience in Siem Reap.

Spend your Night at Pub Street

This street serves tourists all day but when the night on, the place is truly getting crazy. They provide many pubs, bars, food stores, and other entertainment of dancing, karaoke. It is kind of exciting time when you and your fried gather around for couple glasses of local beer.


Siem Reap is where gather the whole country merchandises. When coming here, you got to be really confused about what to buy, what is the region specialties, remarkable handicrafts. Then this section will show you a list that considered to be famous in Cambodia

  • Pices: like lemongrass oil, Kampot pepper.
  • Silverware: like decoration boxes, jewelry, plates, bowls, necklaces in Cambodian style, you can also require to carve your name on.
  • Carvings: material they use is usually from stone, wood. Items were skillfully made, it can be a box with Buddha head on top, some simulations of Angkor Wat and others temple, animal shape, etc.
  • Silk scarf: make by hands, they use the material to make scarf, clothes, small towel and small cotton items. Lotus silk can also be used.
  • Krama: a scarf which is the national symbol.
  • Some food of insects like tarantula, fried crickets, the stick of scorpion. Normally people fell disgust on those things but it could be a part of challenge game of you and your friends.

5. DO'S & DON'TS 

To make most comfort for your trip abroad, you must get to know something about the destination you are about to travel to. To Cambodia, there are something you need to note too

  • Follow the dress code (knees and shoulders should be covered) when visiting temples
  • Learn to bargain in the market
  • Respect the monks
  • Learn a little Cambodian
  • Don’t buy items without asking for the price
  • Don’t point or raise attitude to locals

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