Blessed with pristine beauty with splendid mountains and immense paddy fields, Tam Coc located in northern of Ninh Binh province is called “Halong Bay on land” has been attracting the huge amount of domestic as well as foreign tourists to come and admire its magnificence. Especially, the best time which draws attract visitors’ attention to pay a visit to Tam Coc is the harvesting time when luxuriant rice fields are ripe.

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Ninh Binh is becoming the hottest attraction in this summer as it is the setting of the tourism week 2019 with the theme "The Golden Tam Coc - Trang An" taking place in 7 days, from 18 to 25 May, 2019.

On this occasion, when visitors come to Tam Coc, they will have a chance to admire extremely incredible scenery with the glorious golden paddy fields. In Tam Coc, the local people only grow one crop in a year. Therefore, this is the best time for tourists to contemplate the pristine beauty of Tam Coc. 

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Tam Coc Tourism Week 2019 is also "Festival of photography" when it attracts hundred photographers to come and capture Tam Coc serene beauty. The photographer stands in limestone karst to take angle of shooting from above.

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The beautiful golden rice fields are normally on show from May to the middle of June every year. Besides, the blue sky with fewest clouds and quite comfortable weather are perfect combination for travellers to enjoy and admire Tam Coc's beauty. Due to majestic landscape, Tam Coc is also called "Halong Bay on land".

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One of the most iconic and interesting activities in Tam Coc is to sail a boat along the peaceful Ngo Dong river. Sitting on a boat and admire stunning landscapes in harvesting time is definitely unforgettable experience. The clear blue sky with marvelous limestone mountains and yellow rice fields spreading out along Ngo Dong River bank create poetic northern scenery.

From Van Lam Dock, tourists can admire beautiful Tam Coc scenery and contemplate small houses along river and caves such as Ca Cave, Hai Cave or Ba Cave. Due to owning these 3 caves, that is why this place has a name "Tam Coc".

The deeper tourist sail inside the caves, the cooler they will feel. These caves were created with the fleet of time. Ca Cave is the first cave and also the largest of three ones, with 127 meters long and an entry of 20 meters wide. The second cave (also called Hai Cave), which is far from Ca Cave about 1 kilometer, has a length of 70 meters and the final cave, Ba Cave, is the smallest of the 3 with 45 meters in length.

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In order to have the stunning Tam Coc photos, many phtographer have to climb into limestone karst at 3 AM and spend hours reaching a peak .

"On limestone moutain, under the scorching summer sun up to 40 degrees Celsius, we waited Dragon Boats procession on the Ngo Dong River to take the best photos" - Photographer Pham Ngoc Thach from Hanoi said.

As can be seen in picture above, these are unique riverine procession of floating dragons boat featuring other hundreds of small ones entering through magnificent limestone caves opened a week-long tourism event in Ninh Binh.

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To visit Tam Coc, tourists will have to pay 150.000VND ($6) per person for the admission fee. Besides, if tourists want to take a boat sailing along Ngo Dong River, they will have to pay about 160.000 VND ($7) for hiring a two-seat boat.The route sailing through 3 caves will lasts about 2 hours. Sitting on a boat, tourists can take many photos of peaceful and serene Tam Coc. In addition, exploring Bich Dong Pagoda and Thai Vi Temple are also must do activities for travellers.

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Compared with Truong An Complex , Tam Coc is less crowded which brings the peaceful atmosphere for visitors.

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If you have not planned to have vacation in this summer yet, let' consider Ninh Binh to contemplate its charming beauty and get the best travelling experiences ever. Our Asia Links Travel is willing to help you have perfect holiday.

♦ Image Sources: VNExpress

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