Belonging to Vietnam Central region, Quang Binh is connected with other cities in the central part of Vietnam, namely Hue, Da nang and Hoi An as the Rod of Heritage Road. With is signature location, Quang Binh boats a variety of caves, among which the most famous is Phong Nha Cave, Unesco’s world heritage site and Son Doong Cave, the latest discovered and also world’s greatest cave.


Like other regions within monsoon area, Quang Binh has the mixed weather of both the north and the south with the rainy season being from September to March and from April to August being the dry season. June, July and August, therefore, are the peak of harshly hot temperature.

Thus, should you consider visit Quang Binh, in April and May which is the most favorable time with mild temperate and low precipitation.

From June to August, making use of the crisp sunshine to enjoy marine activities. Undoubtedly, there must be no more satisfactory sense then indulging in the cool water.

Storms get active from September to November so make sure you get updated with weather forecast daily for your safety’s sake.


  • Discover the Caves

En Cave
With the size of 1.645 meters in length, En Cave, belonging to Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, was considered as the world’s 3rd largest cave. The amazing stun of En Cave is so impressive that avid explorers can resist the temptation to venture inside this majestic complex. The most prominent feature of En Cave is primeval forest and a gorgeous river, which add up into a fantastic ecosystem and unique climate.

Son Doong Cave
Recently discovered but soon attracted media coverage and worldwide interest is Son Doong Cave, which is deemed as the greatest cave in the world until now. However, the size of the cave is so massive that even the most capable thrill - seekers are required to have a strong physic ability and an always-on adventurous spirit. Get well - prepared and informative of all challenges and potential dangers before committing yourself to this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Phong Nha Cave
“Phong Nha Cave”, as the name suggests, is located in Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park. It comprises various natural stalactites and stalagmites glistening along the massive ceiling, as well as a crystal river gentling runs inside to create a breathtaking experience.

Thien Duong Cave (Paradise Cave)
Named as “Paradise”, it is indeed an ideal wonder to indulge in your perfect imagination. Resembling an “Air Con” shape, the size of Paradise Cave is said to stretch out up to 31km in length, as discovered by British explorers

  • Beach Break

Jumping Rock Beach
Lying to the north of Dong Hoi city, Jumping Rocks beach is among the most popular tourism hotspot. The name “jumping rock” refers to the prominent feature of the landscape which is marked by high ranges of rock formations.

Nhat Le Beach

Situated at the northeastern of Dong Hoi city is Nhat Le Beach, a site not only popular with locals but also with international tourists. Sprawling white sand and crystal clear sea is combined within a massive area to create a perfect beach retreat to turn on your relaxation mode. Apart from interesting aqua activities, fresh seafood is also a must you can’t miss.

  • Thrill - Seeking

One of the most fantastic thrilling indulgence you must try is kayaking on the Chay River. Apart from the jade color river, which brings a charming feeling, the surrounding area is covered with corn fields, glowing like a golden picture.

Another activity for recommendation is zipline. Nothing can beat this intriguing activity as you enjoy swinging high in blue sky. Chay river offers this experience. The system is very modern and well - equipped to ensure your safety. Eventually, there is no greater feeling than staying up high then hovering low to dip into the deep river.

  • Cuisine savor

Quang Binh is home to a variety of dishes, especially seafood - made. It is highly recommended that you try oysters from Nhat Le river because they are deemed to superior to the remaining oysters.

There is a wide range of choice to opt for from soup, porridge to deep fried dishes. Shrimp and pork clear dumpling is also a highlight of cuisine of Quang Binh and some other cities in the central Vietnam.

With simple ingredients of cassava powder used as the basement, shrimp as the center and local spices to create a unique taste. Fresh banana leaves are used as the cover, making the dish look very green and nature - oriented.


Prepare Yourself for the Best Health Condition
Because discovery tours would be the most prominent feature in Quang Binh tourism, you can’t finish the trip without the best health condition. Get ready to pull your energy together for climbing, hiking, walking a long distance.

Mind Your Safety
Cave discoveries, interesting as they may be, still poses challenging threats. Therefore, for your safety’s sake, follow your tourist fellows and never risk your life. Well informed about the safety guidelines as well as potential dangers before your exploration.

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