Pu Luong located in the north of Vietnam, which is to the southwest of Hanoi capital. Lying on the distant northwest of Thanh Hoa Province, the reservation highlights countless of limestones and mountains, terraces adorned to the flat plain of rice paddy fields. The area is also the shelter for ethnic minorities and numerous species of animals.


With typical cool weather and low temperature of the highland, Pu Luong can be visited at any time of the year. However, to catch the most scenic scene of nature's masterpiece, the best time is in May and October.

At the end of May and at the beginning of June, the local peoples begin their cultivate season by planting tiny green sprouts. The land is slowly filled with fresh green color and draw a picturesque image of a countryside town.

Another ideal period is the harvesting time in September and October when the whole fields turn into a yellow color, which renders a more stunning vast view.


Rafting and Kayaking

Rafting on the river in the area just costs you a few bucks but definitely an adventurous experience. In Pu Luong, rafting is a must-try experience to every tourist because this is the best way to enjoy the rushing rhythm in the middle of a calm atmosphere, the plain, rustic remote villages, rolling mountains and the windy terraces of rice.
An alternative choice is a switch to something more thrilling. Let’s try kayaking! A limited distance of kayaking length has already been set; therefore, tourists need not worry about safety issues. This bumpy and wet trip will absolutely worth the shot in Pu Luong.

Trekking to pristine nature

Pu Luong is a name that reminds us of a wonderful picture of mountains and terraces. For this reason, trekking has become the main tourist attracting activity in the Nature Reserve of Pu Luong. Tourists are able to spend a few days walking through tranquil fields and villages of the Hang, Kho Muong, Kia, which highlight with gorgeous wooden water-mills adjacent to the rocky streams. What a splendid townscape!

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Cycling through scenic sites

With a bicycle, tourists can easily access to many captivating spots in Pu Luong. Start the trip early in the morning for fresh air and enjoy the view of mesmerizing Pu Luong that covered behind the mist. While riding on the dusty trail, you will encounter villages of the ethnic minorities, villagers wearing their traditional costumes and farmers with their hands tied to agricultural works. Bicycle rental is available at your accommodation, homestays. Normally, the price for a day won’t be over 5 USD.

Soak in the waterfalls

Passing through seductive landscapes and deep into the Reserve situated the rustic, attractive village of Hieu near the gorgeous waterfall, which owns the same name. Hieu Waterfall is typical with green clear water and provides the bathing pool for those who would love to immerse in cool water. With the same gorgeous appearance, the Muon waterfall of Dien Quang municipal is fascinating with tumble cascades. It provides a pretty nice pool with sand at the bottom. Especially, the rocks are unsharpened that enable to climb on.

Hike to Pu Luong summit

The journey to the top of Pu Luong mountain - the highest and longest hiking track in Pu Luong Natural Reserve - is surely a tough but “well-paid” trip. The over 1700m-tall mountain takes 6-8 hours to conquer its peak and the panorama sites of the Reserve. If you choose to stick to the trip till the end, then stop en route to rest and breath under the clear atmosphere of the jungles. If you are worried about security, then book a package tour or travel in a group instead. Reaching the top, you will be impressed by the birds-eye view of Pu Luong.

Join the Pho Doan market

Just a little away from Pu Luong (about 20 km), Pho Doan market is always a chaotic place when tourism seasons come. The market is located in Ba Thuoc province, with a neighbor the Pu Luong. The market now is the gathering point of the ethnic tribes of Kinh, Muong, Thai, etc from the surrounding municipals, they are gorgeous in their traditional costumes. Aside from daily goods, people can find lovely handicrafts and delicious local dishes.


Due to the fact that Pu Luong is in a remote and mountainous area, there is only one transporting company would provide the transfer. If Hanoi is your starting point, then it will take about 3 hours driving on the 185-km route. To get to Pu Luong, you can choose one of the following options:

  • By car: you can get there by taxi but the cost would be really expensive about 120$ minimum.
  • By motorbike: from 5$ per day (cost changes depend on motorbike lines).
  • By multiple vehicles: From Hanoi, catch the bus at the bus company station (informed when you buy tickets) to Ba Thuoc (in Cang Nang municipal), then catch a motorbike, which is rides by the locals to transfer on a 20-km route to Pu Luong



  • Bring hats, water, mosquitoes spray, sneakers, snack, jacket.
  • Drive or go with many people.
  • Bring Vietnamese cash as a lack of ATM in the area.
  • Learn several Vietnamese sentences or prepare a translating app.
  • Bring a map or make sure the exact place you are at.


  • Don’t do intimate contact in public.
  • Don’t get in the fight or conflict with locals.

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