The capital is situated at the confluence of three big river: the Mekong, Tonle Sap and Bassac, which in the southern heart of Cambodia. With the remains of Cambodia ancient and during French rules, two big lake that mother river presented, Phnom Penh owns a treasure of many worth visiting spots.

Human feature also contributes to the city tourism, friendly and easy - going people is also what makes tourists pleased. You travel to Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh welcomes you.


Phnom Penh influences tropical climate, which shows in the dry and rainy season. The dry season starts from November to May and the easy - going season would be between November to March. The time owns cool air and warm sunshine, the average temperature would be at 27°C. From March to May, the temperature can reach up to 35°C and also considered to be the hottest time of the year.

From May to October, rain takes place as a short shower to the land. But in August and September, it can be rainy all day. During the period, countryside paths can be unpassable.

Basically, you can visit Phnom Penh anytime around the year without any fear of tropical storms or natural disasters, except for a little rain.


Visiting Famous Constructions

Phnom Penh is a nest of close modern day buildings, so you can see many structures that own antique design but still in remarkable condition. The Royal Palace – the stunning masterpiece was built in the 19th century, the place is now still in use by the king but when he isn’t there, you can have a look inside opulent palace on a guided tour.

In the middle of the capital, a remarkable dust-red construction stands still – the Independent Monument. This seven-tiered memorial is an immortalization of Khmer architecture.

Besides, there are hundreds of stupas available in the region, among those, you are highly recommended to discover these magnificences first. The most famous stupa to local and tourists would be Silver Pagoda, which is made of 5 tons silver that used on the floor. Right on top is a massive Buddha statue that made of Baccarat crystal.

Less famous but still amazing to pay a visit, these spots of Wat Phnom stupa, Ta Prohm temple, Phnom Udong stupa are next destinations in your list

Learn History at the Museum

If you are a lover of archaeology and history of the land foundation, then the National Museum of Cambodia is a place you must come. There are collections of statues, daily life used objects of ancient people, ancient maps, costumes, old coins, images of its exquisite Khmer culture. The building itself is an attractive terracotta that includes one big courtyard garden, it has attracted many tourists from the first glance.

If you keen on war remains, then come to the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum, the place had remade the pain of Cambodians that were tortured by colonial invaders and by the Red Khmers. They also show you true pictures of the torturing process, of suffering people, Red Khmer killing fields.

Shop at Local Markets

Markets are typical of Asia countries, where gather all kind of products that displayed outdoor. You should buy yourself some good or just join the bustling atmosphere of the spot. There are some famous markets that you should visit once.

  • Central market: sell many complex items of food, clothes, daily use stuffs, etc.
  • Phsar Thom Thmei: the big market that built when French ruled. Has many amazing stuffs of souvenirs, silk, spices, fresh goods, ready food.
  • Phnom Penh Night market: mainly for tourists, sell items of clothes, shoes, silk, souvenirs and several snacks.

Enjoy a Sunset Cruise on Mekong River

Cruising on the Mekong River would be your best opportunities to enjoy both the fresh atmosphere of the river and local cuisine. You can taste those delicious local food and other cuisine that they serve on board, also contemplate the glorious sunset in the late evening. The scene then just so seductive and romantic.

Outdoor Activities

There are many activities that are available in the area. Since it lies on the 3 river’s vast Delta, water sports and activities are rather common, you can go on the canoe to sightseeing, or chose a comfortable spot to fish. Let do something dry, how about cycling around the city and go to the furthest regions of which. Want to get into the thrilling sport, then you should try Quad biking. It is thrilling but it is safe.


It is a capital so there’s 100% you can find various kind of merchandises that influence Cambodian culture to bring back home, here are some suggestions:

  • Silk: Cambodia add really unique and eye-catching textile onto the fabric. The silk is in high quality, those colorful textiles are typical of Cambodia culture
  • Woven mat: knitted by lots of strings of grass, rattan and other natural products. They decorate it with colorful graphics, it is use to cover the land when you sit, eat or cover on the bed surface.
  • Silver items: Cambodia is famous for silver carving technique. They provide many products from silver like jewelry, Buddha statues, teapots, spoons, plates, bowls, etc. and add many skillfully carving artifacts on.
  • Rice paper printed: this souvenir is made by putting a rice paper on a frame that carved from temples of Angkor, then they light rubbed over with soft charcoal. Advantages of the product is its meaning and cheap price.
  • Betel nuts boxes: vary to size, usually made from silver and crafted in animal shape. It has fantastic outlook and colorful textiles on, especially, it is done by hands.


  • Remove shoes when entering temples
  • Respect the monks
  • Prepare Cambodian cash first or bring along visa/master card.
  • Learn Cambodian a bit, people speak English here is pretty rare
  • Wear proper clothes when entering stupas
  • Bargain if you really want to buy something
  • Be nice to local, don’t raise your voice or shout at them.

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