Nam Ou river extends to many regions, up to the mountainous area, in the very north of Laos, the river bend half of the loop and perfectly embrace the Nong Khiaw land’s conk. The area is rather backward and located deep in mountainous region, which is why it still keeps the rustic country life and has fewer tourists than others.

What a good opportunity to travel plain and wild. Due to its special position, you can only travel by boat or by walking road.


North Laos is much cooler than the south due to its mountainous location, so basically, the temperature is cool around the year. But tourists want to enjoy their trip in warm weather, so from November to May is its dry season. Especially from November to March, the air turns rather cool and enjoyable.

From April to June is the hottest season of the year, but the temperature is still manageable, which is also the time to visit the spot.

From May to November is the rainy season, which is least preferred time to travel, in addition, rain in the mountainous area could cause a flood, you don’t want to stuck in that situation, aren’t you?


Sightseeing Splendid Caves

Nong Khiaw owns many captivating caves, you must visit these caves once you get here or it is going to be really regretful, which are Pha Tok and Pha Kuang caves. These caves lie about 3 km away from the main village. Each one of it has lived with history from thousands of years, they own themselves colossal chambers and could reach to hundred meters length.

Prepare yourself proper shoes and ready to get wet by small streams leak in the caves. Every site is a chance for astounding pictures. Besides these caves, there are many smaller caves located along the way you trek, if time permits, you should visit them too.

100 Waterfalls Hike

One of the activities you cannot miss is trekking and climbing to 100 waterfalls in Nong Khiaw. Not just the waterfalls provide you best sites, but the trekking paths are also dreamy as well. Your journeys to 100 hundred waterfalls would be fascinating and mark one of the best moments in your entire life, believe me.

But because of its dangerous and difficult feature, you are only allowed to make a trip with tour guides, as many people sign up, as less price you pay.

Those cool waterfalls are just discovered in 2008 and people still not explore all of them, who knows if in your journey, you could find some streams new, good luck and have fun.

Take Part in Adventure Sports

As it is mountainous and water site, it provides mountainous and water sports. Some most common sports are kayaking, bicycling, swimming, abseiling, trekking. On the river surface, it will be really enjoyable and restful to kayaking with your friends or companion. Bicycling and trekking will lead you from central town to many remote villages, rice paddle fields and more fabulous nature views in the area.

What could be more comfortable than swimming in this cool clear and fresh water of “mother” Nong Khiaw or in those waterfall’s tanks? For those who want something thrilling, how about trying abseiling, you will experience how awesome it is to cross through jungles, river up there.

Pay a Visit to Local Villages

The mountainous region is home to many villages of ethnic, such as Hmong, Khmu. You can trek or ride a bike to visit some of them. In the village, it provides simple daily life routines of the old time, no technology, machines or even no electricity in some villages. A rustic particular of countryside would make you refresh and be able to shoot bunch of photos.

Hiking to the Top of Phadeng

This will cost a thousand steps to get to the Phadeng peak. But it wasn’t the goal that makes you happy, it was the progress of obtaining it. On your way climbing, there are many astounding sites that as beautiful as the picture, you can stop at any rock or small cottage to breath slow. The route can be tough to go as the way up there, so you should prepare water and good shoes.

Try the Local Food

The cuisine is what makes up a fulfilling journey, what can you have in this area? Well, there are many restaurants and food spots available around the town and in guest houses, you can choose any of the places to enjoy Laotian and other cuisines. Have a taste of Laab, which is a salad with minced meat, or Indian cuisines, rice with meat and vegetable.

Some restaurants recommended for you are: Coco home bar restaurant, Mama Laos restaurant, Alex restaurant.


Stroll in town gift shops, you can find ethnic products like fabric, silk with special simple geometrical texture but really eye - catching, lovely silk wallets, knit baskets, hats. If lucky, you can also observe local make the fabric in special frameworks. Otherwise, you can buy some packs of herbal dried tea leaves or fresh tropical fruits.

Anything else to keep in mind? Well, enjoy yourself and show your friendliness to local people is the only rule here, a smile or saying “SA – BAI - DEE” (means Hello) to Laotian would be nice. Hope you have all the information you need after reading this article. For further questions, please contact us for more details.

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