In the very east of Cambodia, where shares the boundary with Vietnam, that is where the province of Mondulkiri nestled down. Being a highland region, the province is surrounded by numerous mountains and owns big wide old forest, jungles that haven’t yet exploited.

As a fact, its population is low and scattered, so when visiting Mondulkiri, you can enjoy the calm and fresh atmosphere of the tranquil little town and magnificent natural landscape.


The weather turns 3 times around the year but thanks to its high location, the temperature is rather easier than in lowland.

June to October: it is the monsoon time, as being a mountainous region, rain can cause flood and landslide

From July to September, the region bar carries a large amount of rainfall.

November to May: it is dry season. The temperature available in the time is about 25°C. from March to May, it is the hottest time of the region, the temperature can raise up to 30°C.

November to February: it is considered to be the best time to visit Mondulkiri as the weather is cool and warm, sun shines all day, many tourist spots are available.


Immerse in the Chill Water of Waterfalls

In Mondulkiri, over 60 waterfalls are found spectacular of pure nature. One thing for sure, those streams here can satisfy your desire about a perfect waterfall. As too many places to go, less time to have, then put these names in your list for soon visiting:

  • South Waterfall: not the most gorgeous one but the nearest, also charming as well. Located 5.5 km to the southwest of the town. The 8 meters waterfall provides an ideal flat space for swimming and picnicking.
  • Lak Bok Bras waterfall: 13 km away from provincial town. The waterfall is about 10 meters in height and 20 meters in diameter (raises on monsoon). It is surrounded by chocolate-box forest. Around its area, many families and tribes had settled down.
  • Bou Sra waterfall: outstanding and still preserves its natural beauty. Located 45 km away from the provincial town. Zip lining is available. The picturesque landscape of cascading rocky waterfall and the green jungle around would make you love it more.

Explore the Local Villages

The mountainous region is where the ethnic tribes settle down. A trip to Mondulkiri will help you have a closer look at their life. On your way to Bou Sra waterfall, a village of Pahlung (8 km away) stands still in the flat grass. Also, the village is the popular excursion center in Cambodia. Besides contemplating the rural picture, you can also experience elephant riding.

About 15 minutes ride by car, you can reach one of the main tourist attractions in Mondulkiri – Pou Lung village. The village is famous for rich in historical tradition and custom, also the special location along the mouth of the valley had contributed a lot to its mystic beauty.

Visit the Phnom Prich Sanctuary

With the size of over 2,218 square km, the sanctuary is home for many species and the diverse flora and fauna. In the wild tropical forest, many kinds of birds, mammal, reptiles are living. From the tourist center, visitors can get acknowledge to the sanction before taking on an excursion.

Also, you can ask for a tour guide to lead you to places in the forest to see the animal. Half day and full day trips are available. Camping is also allowed. Among those captivating forest and river, enjoy your time.

Meet the Elephants at Elephant Valley Project

Take the No.76 road and you can easily get to the spots. This place is famous for owning many elephants, a small museum for the overview of the elephant and the entertaining activities it provided. When you arrive, there is a guide to show you how to feed and ride the creature.

Also, he tells us about the whole story of elephants like how to train them, where to find, how to catch the elephant, how to breed them and so on. If you want, you can stay for a few days at the region resorts to have more time with the elephant.

With a beautiful landscape of the jungle and the experience you are going to have, you are sure to have a memorable trip.

Explore the Plantation of the Pine Trees 

The whole spacious plantation is laid on the high land that 8 km away from the central town. Pine trees had been grown by rows, they had to cover the region in green and the grass colors a yellow on the ground.

The plantation is believed to had been built in 1970. When you arrive, trek around the station for a catchy view and shooting some pictures to save for memory.


  • Learn some Cambodian basic language.
  • Learn to bargain at the market.
  • Prepare cash as most stores and stalls in the market will not take credit cards.
  • Bring along toilet paper.
  • Don’t trap in a conflict or fight with locals.

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