Mekong Delta, also known as the “Nine Dragons river delta” to Vietnamese as their 9 tributaries of Mekong River, lies at the south of Vietnam, where there are the prosper lands for rivers, big lakes to grow. It consists of one city and twelve provinces.

The region has plain terrain and fertile soil so it has become the largest area of the country to grow crops and tropical plants. With the advantages it has, it attracts tourist by river tourism.


The weather of the Mekong Delta is favorable to visit all year round. The average temperature is about 30 degree Celsius and the region has some rainy months.

September and November are the floating seasons, also considered the best time to visit the Mekong Delta. In this time, lots of local activities happen and thanks to that, numerous tourists worldwide had a pour on the spot.

The dry season starts from December to April with moderate temperature and less rainfall. You can opt for many interesting activities like riding a bike through the countryside or visiting the local villages. This time is also the fruit harvest season which means you can taste some of the freshest and most delicious tropical fruits of Vietnam.

From May to November is the rainy season. In particular, August and September have the highest rainfall. But even nature favors the place, rain usually occurs in a short time and won’t impact too much on your trip.


Exploring the Floating Market

If you haven’t visited the floating market that means you haven’t been to Mekong Delta. This unique feature making the region stands out from other places in Vietnam.

There are many floating markets on Mekong Delta but the most famous ones are Cai Be (Tien Giang Province), Cai Rang (Can Tho Province), Tra On (Vinh Long), Nga Bay (Hau Giang Province) and Nga Nam (Soc Trang Province). The markets open early in the morning around 3 a.m until midday or late afternoon. But the busiest time is at 5 or 6 a.m in the morning, so if you want to see the markets at its best, you should wake up early.

Every day, traders and buyers from all the channels across the province row to a place to exchange goods. They hang the sample of their product on an upright pole so that people can see what they are selling.

Going by local wooden boat, you can reach inside the market and join the fun. A wide range of products is loaded on the boats from fruits, poultry products, domestic utensils to local specialties.

Moreover, you will have a chance to talk and meet the locals and catch some epic shots.

Explore the Famous Orchards

Mekong Delta is fertile in soil, this is why the region is the country largest area growing crops and tropical trees. Visiting here, you cannot miss some of the magnificent orchards. One of the most famous orchards that we cannot mention is Cai Be (Tien Giang Province).

Ecotourism is available for tourists, right in this large fruit basket, people can try many kinds of tropical fruits. When strolling through the orchards, you can pick some fruits from the tree and buy them.

Others than that, you can enjoy local cuisines in the cozy leave restaurant, catching fishes by a net, cruising on the channels around the area. Others choice for you, Cai Mon fruit orchard (Ben Tre province), Vinh Long fruit orchard (Vinh Long province) are also common.

Visiting Pagodas

Vietnam also a country of Buddha worshiping, combines with many groups of people, Buddha temples, stupas are constructed differently in each region. Vinh Trang pagoda of My Tho is as glorious as ever. Its outlook is like a royal palace with colorful patterns and is recognized as the Vietnamese historical and cultural heritage.

Travel high to the mountain of Chau Doc province, you will be impressed by the ancient Chinese style pagoda - Cavern. Being a residence of caves, numerous Buddha statues, and especially the 1000-arm and 1000 - eye goddess, the stupas provides a fresh and peaceful atmosphere.

Cruise on the River

With interlace river and channel system, Mekong Delta has a big opportunity to develop river tourism, and yes it does. On the small hand-rowing boat, you will be taken through the tropical forests, fields and local residences. The view provided during your sight-seeing trip is just so lovely. River cruising is available in the most province of Mekong Delta.

Try Net Fishing

Fishing is always an interesting outdoor activity. In the countryside region that you are about to travel to, you are able to try hooking fish or net fishing with the instruction of natives. After work, you can enjoy the reward.

Sunbathing at the Beach

Other than rivers and rice paddy fields, the typical agricultural countryside, Mekong Delta also possess gorgeous beaches. Travel to Phu Quoc, you can enjoy the ideal beaches with warm and clean sea sand, blue water, palm tree dancing in the wind. Also, be famous with a breathtaking view, Nam Du islet is on the list. The spot owns both pebble and sand beaches and tourism services are provided well in the place.

Explore Tram Chim National Park

Situated in Dong Thap Muoi, Tram Chim national park is worth to spend every moment. With an open land of over 7600 hectares, the park is an ideal ecosystem for all kinds of animal and plants, especially a standard home for over 200 species of bird. The landscape along the way you move is way than amazing.

Strolling to Tan Lap Floating Village

A spotlight Long An province, Tan Lap floating village is attractive with graceful and bend bridge paths. The place is a submerged wetland of 135 hectares in the core area and 500 hectares in the buffer zone. The location is best to enjoy during the flood season of monsoon, at which lotus and water lilies are at their blossom period.


The spotlight of Mekong Delta is about the cuisine, processed food specialties, here are some of the name that most mentioned:

  • Tropical fruit: like mango, mangosteen, aromatic, dragon fruit, guava, jackfruit, rambutan, grape and so on, can easily found in market at really cheap price.
  • Tet La Cam: purple sticky rice with the core of mashed green bean and pieces of meat. The cake is wrapped carefully with banana leaves and steamed for hours.
  • Keo dua: made of coconut and sugar, this is a favorite sweet to locals too. Easy to find alongside Ben Tre streets and in the market.
  • Banh trang: it is rice paper, they display many kinds from good quality to medium for you. In addition, some kinds of Banh Trang are added in spices and flavors. The most famous province to provide tasty Banh Trang is Soc Trang.
  • Nem Lai Vung: fermented pork that enveloped by leaves. It tastes much better than it sounds.

Others than food, we can buy some of these for souvenirs that can be preserved through time:

  • Ao Ba Ba: a button - down silk shirt and long-sleeved, a typical daily costume of Mekong Delta locals.
  • Coconut handicrafts: like a handy bag, statues, decoration of bug shape, combs, hair pins, jewels and so on.
  • Paintings: which express the life of the farmer, calm life of rural rustic.
  • Non La: a symbol of Vietnam, which is made of palm leaves and has a cone shape.


  • Learn basic sentences of communication in Vietnamese
  • Learn to bargain
  • Respect the temple
  • Bring a hat, suncream
  • Keep toilet paper with you
  • High recommended eating at the local food store
  • Don’t trap in a fight.
  • Don’t do intimate contact in public.

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