Since UNESCO recognition the World Heritage Site in 1995, numerous tourists have flooded into this little ancient city Luang Parang. The gorgeous city is laid in the north of Laos, which surrounded by numerous magnificent mountains.

The population of it is not so crowd, the car engine isn’t usually heard. Instead, tourist can enjoy the sound of singing birds and fresh, cool atmosphere right in the center of the city. The international airport is available in Luang Prabang, you can fly straight to it at first travel to Laos.


Being a country with a tropical climate, the city owns 2 typical seasons: dry and rainy

The dry season starts from October to May but most tourist tend to visit from November to March next year, due to cool air, the temperature is rather comfortable and light sunshine during the time. But as the fact can get, accommodation cost higher than the other months so does the cost of food and means of transportation.

From March to May, weather can get pretty extreme with temperature up to 38°C with high humidity, which means least owning customers period of the year.

Rainy season takes place from May to October, rainiest month are August and September, heavy rain could cause a flood. But it isn’t bad like you have heard, the weather is pleasant at 20°C, and the rain won’t last all day. There is a time for sunny shine, rainbows and dragon boat races on Nam Khan river in October, which you shouldn’t miss. Depends on you that the best time would be decided.


Luang Prabang owns itself many natural attracting spots that sure to steal your heart when you pay a visit. Some particular places would be:

Admire the Beauty of Kuang Si Waterfall

Water is safely surrounded by hundred years of green jungle. Mentioning about water wonder site of Luang Prabang, you cannot pass this place. With 50 - meter cascade water flows down into three chill stratums, sunlight shove through leaves gaps to land the light on waterfall surface that is the masterpiece captured tourists desire. Picturing, swimming is also available.

  • Opening hour: from 8:00 am to 17:30 pm every day.
  • Entrance fee: 2.50 USD.
  • Location: 23 kms from the outskirt of Luang Prabang town.

Spend Time at Luang Prabang Splendid Temples

Asia countries are known for the land of Buddhist and is home for Buddha temples. But what special is in each nation, Buddha temples are constructed in a different style, design, engineering structures. Whatever your spiritual is, pay a visit to temples to indulge in rituals, take a look at monk costume, gold designed objects, breath in peace and quiet atmosphere is always pleased to your soul.

Not to mention a bunch of photos you going to take. You could check in at one of these temples: Wat Xieng Thong - the most famous of all, Wat May Souva, That Makmo, Wat Phon Phao. These are the temple with large sized and promised to provide the best design for tourists.

  • Opening hour: vary from temples, usually from 8:00 am to 17:00 pm.
  • Entrance fee: about 2.50 USD, some are free.

Stroll Around the Antique City

For the reason of lacking traffic so it is a perfect opportunity for tourist to walk, go by bike or hire motorcycle around in pleasure and clean air. During your enjoyable time, you can observe how the local people live daily, their traditional costume (if you lucky), their home restaurants, stores, and the lovely street site in the old-fashioned city. It is pretty safe when traveling, not a matter at all.

  • Bike hiring fee: about 2-5 USD per day
  • Motorcycle hiring: 5-7 USD per day, fuel fee is on you.

Contemplate Sunset from Mount Phou Si

Right on the confluence of the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers, there’s a hill that provides you a perfect spot for stunning sunset with a combination of distant mountains and dotted temples picture. To get on the hill, you have to take stairs, on both sides up and down, on the way moving, you can meet several temples there, provide a lovely spot for shooting photos. But you may want to start off early to avoid hundreds of tourists hustling for the best top spot.

The night is so shiny at Luang Prabang Night Market

Night Market of Luang Prabang is remarkable for its domestic handicrafts, colorful paintings, jewelry, local costume. They sold lots of special things that only in the region has and you might want to buy some of the cool stuffs for souvenirs. Ask for the price first if you afraid of overcharge. People, there is friendly and hospitable so show your respect to them, when you take photos, you should ask them first. In this way, cheerful comes from both sides.

  • Opening hour: 17:00 pm to 23:00 pm every night
  • Location: Sisavangvong road, which lies in the town center


Souvenirs or domestics are things you cannot pass in every country you went through. In Laos, they provide their own local products that interest you at first glance.

  • Sinh: which is Laos traditional costume of female, has fancy outlook and unique pattern.
  • Akha belt: hand sewn belts made of dried seeds and metal.
  • Embroidered magnets: magnets with flower embroidered patterns.
  • Recycle beaded necklace: which carefully crafted by hands from newspaper, looks unique and rather fancy for the traditional costume.
  • Katu beaded textile: fabric is made from weaved banana, adorned with local style of pattern, Katu is bread skillfully into the textile.

All of these cool stuffs can be found at Night Market, Phosi Market, Dara Market and others markets around town.


To enjoy best your trip with no encountering troubles, criticize words, you must know these rules

  • Pass local seated, you should pass them from behinds.
  • Show respect by wearing modest clothes, which can cover your whole shoulders, chest and legs.
  • Observe in silent in any circumstance.
  • Take photos without flash.
  • Take off your shoes, shocks when coming in local home and hide your feet underneath when seating.
  • When greeting Laos, you should hold your palms together then bow and say SAH-BAI-DEE to show your friendliness.
  • Female visitors DON’T touch or talk to the monks, keep your head low whenever the monks pass.
  • DON’T make body contacting (especially between different sex) in public.
  • DON’T make so much noise, especially in the temples.
  • DON’T hug or kiss when greeting, it is not appropriate here.

It is better to fit in with these rules because nobody wants to receive complaints or critical words when on a trip, do they?

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