It will be a long through mountainous and river trip but also a tempting one. Laid in the far north - western of Laos, border China and Myanmar and be a center of the mountainous area, Luang Namtha is the residence of a tiny lovely town, plentiful astounding waterfalls, streams, natural forest and many particular ethnic villages.

Because of its remote located, so it’s a little tough to travel by motorbike or you can make it much easier by having a short flight in the national airport.


Due to the mountainous location, weather mostly takes easy and pleasure around the year, an available season of the region are dry and rainy.

From October to February next year is concerned to be the best visiting point of all, with cool weather from 10 - 20°C but in some extreme point of winter, the temperature can go down to 0°C. In addition, lots of local events and daily activities will take place and observable also supports you for best photos shooting.

From May to October is rainy time and can turn really heavy, a flood could be caused. Hottest seasons occur from March to April but people can still bare the temperature of 25°C (average), this period also considered as the second appropriate time for a visit. Best time or not, now it is up to you.


Be Overwhelmed at Nam Dee Waterfall

One of the best waterfalls in Luang Namtha would be recommended to the tourist is Nam Dee waterfall, which located 6km northeast away of the town center. Like others view of a magnificent waterfall, the place just provides you similar site of high flowing down water, jungle embrace along the riverside and the fresh atmosphere as it can offer.

Not to mention there is a remarkable of the bamboo village near the waterfalls, they own the special skill to make paper from bamboo. Otherwise, you could pay a visit to stunning Pha Yeung or Nam Keo as well.

Respect is Shown at Luang Namtha Golden Stupa

Buddhism is one religion that turned into people culture. When visiting Luang Namtha, don’t forget to pay a short visit to its famous Golden Stupa- Namngeen. The temple covered with gold and has fancy structure, sure it will highlight more your Asia temples collection (if you have) or can be a memorable experience. If you still have time, visit Samakkhixay Stupa would be nice, it provides a really different outlook.

Entering cost about 3 USD, which they call it donation fee, just don’t bother it.

Visit Nam Ha NPA

This border province is the home of many large national parks, one typical of it is Nam Ha NPA, which means National Protected Area and is one ideal spot to contemplate original nature. Besides, you can see wild animals from the wild jungle, if lucky, you can also see the dangerous substances of a tiger, leopards when they roaming.

Local villages are scattered everywhere in the area, you could choose to explore several of them, sure it will be an interesting experience. Furthermore, as convenient, you should take kayaking on the Nam Ha river and join the moody fish hatching with locals there.

To get to the place, travel by motorbike would be nice, cost about 10 USD for a day.

Motorbike around the Sea of Paddies

It is motorbike that the most convenient to travel to many destinations. When getting out of the little town of Luang Namtha, you will reach to other regions of endless rice growing fields like Muang Nala, Vieng Phouka and Muang Sing. On your way sightseeing, you will see locals and ethnic minority wearing their traditional costume, hatching goods in the field or resting in little leaf cottages. Moreover, you can stop by at some villages for some pictures.

Eat out in Night Market

Night Market is a typical of Asia activities, even in this remote land, you can get yourself in little cozy but owns diverse dishes Night Market. They have plenty of local dishes, snack, sweets, drinks, barbecued meat and many more as you can see. Pick a spot and wait till the food ready, they will serve it to you, or you can hunt around for the market specials.

Price is incredibly cheap, from 1 - 4 USD for all kinds. They usually open from 17:00 pm 23:00 pm. The end of the day by enjoying night atmosphere in such mountainous region is definitely a relaxing moment.


Local food

As most tourists said that this is not the place for souvenirs but heaven for local foods. You should go to Luang Namtha Morning Market for fresh products and Night Market for various kind of local dishes from stalls.

The town is gathered of many ethnics that live in Laos like Hmong, Akha, Lanten, Yao. So not only Laos famous food like Khao Niaw (sticky rice with sweaty flavor), Mok Pa (steamed fish), Khao Piak Sen (wet noodle), Sai Uah (Lao Sausages) that you could find in the market, but also catching some ethnic cuisines as well, otherwise, you can have some ethnic flavor when traveling to some particular villages.

Local goods

When traveling to villages, you meet the ethnic minority, each tribe has their own style of making goods. For more particular, the Yao provides hat, natural paper, women traditional cloth and wearing.

Hmong provides small embroidered bags with a nice local pattern of square and triangle.

Akha tribe produces unique vine string shoulder bags and their Akha traditional costume. Most ethnic goods are made by hands so don’t be surprised if it is overpriced a bit.


“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, sure that it is also applied to tourist, remember the rules for your most comfort.

  • Put your palms together then bow and say SAD-BAI-DEE to show respect when greeting.
  • Wear properly, best is to cover your shoulder, chest and the knees.
  • Ask first when you want to film or take photos
  • Take off your shoes and shocks when entering Laotian home.
  • Don’t use flash when shooting
  • Don’t make to much noise in temples

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