In the northeast of Cambodia, where bordering to Vietnam, the great Mekong gentle curves over 140 kms length, Kratie is located there and be one of the Cambodian biggest provinces. Most the area covered with densely forests and owns numerous of small islands, channels.

Thank to wonderful natural habitat, many species of animal had nestled down, including some rare kinds that you can hard to find anywhere else. From Kratie little town, you will start your journey to tourist attractions and rest when it is the end of the day.


Kratie influenced the tropical climates, it has two main seasons around the year:

From May to October: monsoon takes place. From June to July, it rains the most. Thanks to its flat land, the rain won’t turn to severe and causes damage to flood.

From November to April: it is the dry season. The temperature is about 300C average. April is the warmest month, in contrast, January is the coolest month of the year.

From November to February: best time to visit Kratie, with cool weather and gentle sunny shine, it would make you pleased.


Be Respectful at Temples

One of the undeniable Cambodian cultural treasure is the unique structure of Temples. Right here in Kratie province, there are many gorgeous stupas that surely impress you from first glimpse:

  • 100 Columns Pagoda: the amazing structure with 100 posts.
  • Phnom Sambok Temple: laid on the hill, provides catchy view when taking the concrete long stair.
  • Phnom Soporkaley Pagoda: located on top of the hill.
  • Wat Vihear Lao: one of the region oldest temple, this temple owns the beauty of ancient time.
  • Wat Sray Sahn-tah-rah-boh: which is in the northeastern of Kratie town, its magnificence has attracted global tourists and on one of the top temples to visit in Kratie.

See the Rare Irrawaddy Dolphins

Irrawaddy Dolphin is a species that conserved by the government as it is one really rare kind. This Dolphin can hard to find anywhere else but at several spots of the Mekong river. For seeing those lovely creatures, set a trip to Kampee Village in Sambok Commune, which is 15 kms away from the provincial town. Since the plashing dolphins in the water become a special image of this area, this spot has become the tourist attraction that must be visited, also be a nice place for kids.

Admire the Beauty of Phnom Sopor Kaley

Mentioning about the historical buildings and idyllic view of the countryside, people in Kratie think about Phnom Sopor Kaley. Through your cruising on the Mekong river to the destination, beautiful landscape of green lush and rustic villages of rural will please your heart.

At the arrival, stroll for minutes to encounter the village of Chrauy Bantey in Chrau Ampil Commune and get acquainted with the locals. Then, take the 800 steps on the Sopor Kaley Mountain to reach the historical pagoda. On the top, spend time sightseeing the fascinating view and explore yourself the gorgeous temple.

Visit the Koh Trong

Koh Trong is the most beautiful destination of Katie with rustic rural view on an island. To get to the island, ferry is the means of transport. As soon as you arrive, you can rent a motorcycle or a bike to take the 9 kms trail to overlook the entire island. Along your way through paddle fields, you will have a chance to see floating villages, grazing cows, locals in daily life, kids are playing their folk games.

Contemplating the Waterfall of Cham Pey

It is not really far to travel to the captivating waterfall of Cham Pey. On No.68 road, it takes half an hour (35 kms) the reach to the goal. Near the waterfall, there are several resorts, in case tourists like to stay longer for the epic view. From the resort, walking on feet about 500 meters, you can contemplate and enjoy the chill air of Cham Pey waterfall. It would be fantastic if you can camp with your friends and immerse yourself in the clear water.

Spend Time at Kampi Resort

Located 15 kms away from the provincial town, Kampi Resort is a tourist attraction with many unique features. What special about Kampi Resort is it is a natural resort with shelters on stilt alongside the river. They are used for dolphins shelter as well. On those leaves shelter, local are selling dishes, snack, cold drinks. Also, hammocks are available.

Furthermore, the water at Kampi Resort is clear that its bottom can be seen, it flows with undangerous speed. What can be better when you can immerse yourself in the chill water. When heading for the resort, you will have taken the National Road No.7 and make a stop at Prek Kampi bridge, where you can observe the whole magnificent scene of thousands islands with lush green plants.


Getting to Kratie

You can choose the options below that is suitable to your time and budget:

By bus and vans: there are many companies provide the route from many provinces to Kratie, like Giant Ibis, Mekong Express, PSD Xpress, Sorya Bus, Kampot Express and so on. Buses/ Vans available the ride in every hour. The price is reasonable, depends on where you start.

  • Depart from Siem Reap: takes 8 hours moving. Costs about 22$ (only by vans, prices are different from each company)
  • Depart from Phnom Penh: takes 7 hours moving. Costs about 8-10$ (by bus, prices are different from each company.

Hire a car: companies of rental car most available in the big city of Siem Reap or Phnom Penh. Costs about 60$ per day. Gas is on you. Some common companies are Avis car rental, Europcar car rental.
If you start in Kampong Cham (people usually spend a day time there before heading to Kratie). Since there are no route for bus from Kampong Cham to Kratie, so you can take:

Bullet boat: takes about 3 hours moving. Costs around 7$. Only runs in rainy season or when the water level is high enough.

Taxi: takes about 2 hours moving. Costs from 90-160 $, it is cheaper if you can share the price with friends.

Getting around Kratie

  • By bike: costs 1-2$ per day hiring, available at most guesthouses and hotels.
  • By motorcycle: costs 5-6$ per day hire. Gas is on you. Wear a helmet when you drive. Available in most guesthouses and hotels.
  • By moto (motorcycle taxi): about 10-15$ per day hire. An English-speaking driver will take you to anywhere you told. The drivers usually run around to look for the guests, he will give you an offer.
  • By tuk tuk: the price depends on destinations you head for, it is cheaper taking than a taxi. Easily found on the street and sidewalk, some drivers run around and give the guest offers.


  • Learn Cambodian basic language.
  • Learn to bargain at the market.
  • Prepare cash as most stores and stalls in the market will not take cards.
  • Bring along toilet paper.
  • Don’t trap in a conflict or fight with locals.

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