In the very south of Cambodia that bordering the sea, also where the Preaek Tuek Chhu split into 2 branches and approach to the ocean, laid the province of Kampot. With the terrain of a large area of plain and numerous mountains, limestones that dotted on its land, Kampot would be a worth visiting destination.


Dry season start from November to May next year. In particular, from November to February is the best period of time to relax in Kampot as the weather is cool and the sun isn’t burning, the temperature is pleasing at 27°C average.

From the end of May to October, it starts to rain. Especially, from June to August, the region suffers heavily rain pour, some area can suffer from a flood. For this reason, your moving will be so much difficult and beaches will not be for bathing.



Explore the National Park

It is no strange that with the spacious area of green land, Kampot is home for numerous magnificent mountains and old-growth forests. Exploring its national park, the mysterious beauty and wild creatures there would make you pleased. In particular, the Preah Monivong National Park - which owns spectacular site over the city, on its peak, stand still the French colonial ruins and mystery churches. To enjoy best your sightseeing trip, take a motorbike would be a good choice.

Pay a Visit to the Pepper Farm

Being famous for its quality of pepper, Kampot has been the country leader of growing pepper and export the good to many countries. Visit La plantation, you will see an open area that is only used for growing pepper. Behind its background are giant mountains that makes the site so spectacular. There are also restaurants, cycle rickshaws, souvenir and pepper shop, a small museum about pepper tools and its kind available for tourists.

Take Part in Fascinating Water Sports

Water sport becomes commons in the area as it is surrounded by big rivers and sea. If you love kayaking, they provide entertaining activity at both river and beach. En route, you can stop by the Greenhouse Guest House for the instruction of kayaking route and then, pay a little time to see the Samon’s village, which is a typical design of Cambodian village. The price is reasonable with about 3$ for an hour hire. Otherwise, make use of the river mellow surface and take the Paddle Boarding.

A swimsuit is what you have to bring along, among the scenic view of the beach and river, it would be epic to swim in its water. Nataya beach is highly suggested to you to come.

Sightseeing on a Motorbike

Things are going to be easier when you just take generals paths and drive. Choose your destination and head for it, but don’t pass the Kampot salt field and the fishing Island, this is where you can pull over and see the locals follow by step to collect the salt. Also, the activities of the fisherman, the way they produce goods from fish can also be seen.

Switch to the mountainous destination, aim for the mount Bokor as fantastic view behind the frog. As convenient, you can also visit its neighboring spots like Bokor church, Sampov Pram pagoda.

Discover Caves

Right the moment you start off the journey to Kampot caves, you have already been exited and that feeling would raise even more when you find yourself in those fascinating caves.

Among them all, Kampong Trach Water cave is the most favorite, not only possess the wild and pure nature, the cave also owns blue lagoons for a fresh swim. Other than this, Phnom Chhngok Cave is also a worth visiting place where is home to a mysterious temple of Shiva. Swim Cave is another option for your cave exploring in Kampot allowing you to immerse yourself in the cool water and gorgeous natural site.

Contemplate the Waterfalls

Up to the mountain, there are streams and waterfalls that bending through rocks and mountains canyon to approach downstream. They are all breathtaking and worth visiting but time only permits for a few. In this case, come to the Tada waterfall to enjoy the cool air and refresh yourself in chill water.

Because it has already been turned to a flat bathing - place and has many rest houses around, but in exchange, you receive the safety. Or head for the Povokvil Waterfall, which is rather rocky and considered as wild. In the rainy season, water flows so rush that makes the site just so beautiful.

Take a Day Trip to Kep

Although Kep is not a part of Kampot from Kampot, traveling to Kep doesn’t take much time. At the small province surrounded by Kampot and bordering the sea, there is a bunch of things that tourist can enjoy.

Sunbathing at Kep Beach is really relaxing when you can sit on the white sand and have delicious fresh seafood. For even more fantastic beaches, a trip hoping to Kaoh Po, Koh Thonsay beach on the islands would please you. The scene there just so captivating with calm blue water, long white sandy beaches, and unexploited forests.

Don’t miss the Kep Crab Market, locals people sell fresh crabs from all kinds and other seafood. Steamed/ fired/ grilled/ boiled seafood is available. Tourists can enjoy the market’s eatery or bring out the beach.
For more adventure, let’s visit the Kep National Park. While trekking, beautiful view and fresh air would make you enjoyable. There are also some restaurants and pagodas available.


If you would like to have something that is unique of Kampot, the section below contains some example.

  • Stilt handy bag: vary in size, has a typical brown color and adorned with pieces of colorful fabric.
  • Small pillow: they provided a different color. Each kind of product was adorned with the pattern that typical of Cambodia.
  • Clothes of Dorsu: which is a shop that sells ethical and produces clothing, they use cotton as the main material. Available clothes are a self - produced T-shirt, dress, jersey tops (made by the shop staffs).
  • Art Prints: for diverse items, come to KAMA shop.
  • Books: visit the Kepler for the collection of pirated, Xeroxed Book and some best-seller of Cambodia.
  • Pepper: if you have visited the pepper plantation, purchase the goods right there as reasonable price and well-qualified.


  • Hire motorbikes if you tend to travel far from the center.
  • Try the food of hawkers and vendors.
  • Learn Cambodian basic language.
  • Bring along your swimsuit to join in the water - based activities 
  • Learn to bargain at the market.
  • Ask for the price first before purchasing something.
  • Prepare for cash as many places won’t take cards.
  • Bring along toilet paper.

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