Situated right in the middle of Myanmar, in the southeast and approximately 200 km away from Mandalay, there’s a breath - taking place called Inle Lake between the two mountain ranges and different from the rest of Myanmar.

The lake is 10 km in width and 22 km in length. On the two sides of the lakes built the wooden stilt houses. Intha ethnic group is the main inhabitant here. The majority of the local people make a living on the fishes in the lake and their famous floating garden with all kinds of tomatoes, squashes and aubergine plants.


Thanks to its geographical advantages, the Inle Lake is much cooler than anywhere else on the land of Myanmar.

The coolest time of the year falls from November to February, which has the average temperature ranging around 22 - 33 degree Celsius. During this time, there might come slight rain, especially in January and February. Although, it doesn’t affect much on your outdoor activities.

The dry and hot season happens in summer from March to May with a higher average temperature maximum up to 35 degree Celsius and lots of sunlight. However, this hotness is still bearable to enjoy the sights and life here.

From May to October, more rains will come and the rainy seasons begins. Throughout the rainy season, rain falls heavily and frequently with strong wind and it might be obstacles in your holiday’s activities.


Take a Boat Trip

The best and most authentic way to experience the Inle Lake is to take a boat trip with the local people, whose lives have always been revolving around the lake’s side. The boat ride will bring you the freshest air through the wind breeze of the cool and fresh water.

After the round trip of Inle Lake, you can have a lesson from fishermen how to “one-legged" row the boat. One - legged rowing has been the most distinctive feature of Burmese in the Inle Lake area. They learn how to row, balance the boat and catch the fish at the same time. The fishes are caught with the cone-shaped nets as the traditional way, which inherited from their ancestors.

Go on a Circle Bicycle Ride

Another extraordinary ride to embrace the beauty of the lake is to rent a bicycle and take a round trip on the lake's bank. The most scenic landscape of the Inle Lake is the floating garden, where farmers grow their vegetables and fruits. The plants and flowers climb up on the fixed bamboo poles with the flow of water make way through the garden, which creates a magnificent view for your camera’s unstoppable shutting.

Visit Indein Complex

The Indein Complex should be put into the suggestions list in the boat ride tour and it will only take about 30 minutes more. You will be absolutely captivated by the exclusive stupas reaching for the sky. Some are cover with green moss, some have trees growing on top and some with their own peculiar structure that no words can describe but to see with our own eyes.

Visit Red Mountain Winery

How about a little touch of a romantic scene of wine-tasting at Red Mountain Winery? The vineyard is located on the east coast of the Inle Lake and 25 - minute ride with the bicycle. It is best to sit on the wooden bench, take a sip of a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc, look out into the magical landscape of Inle Lake with the garden background at sunset.

The vineyard was built in 2002 with champagne imported from Spain and France and now they can grow their own grape and make their own wine since 2006.


Hand - woven Textiles

Generations after generations, Burmese people have been practicing to weave textile from bamboo looms and lotus root, which grow naturally around the lake’s area. The Inn Paw Khon Village is the most common place to find hand - made textiles.

Travelers can have a real experience in weaving when watching artisans using silk, bamboo looms, and lotus roots to weave into shawls, sarongs (a type of dress in Indochina area), tapestries, and many other kinds of fabric. These products are offered at a higher price than other places in Myanmar but you are guaranteed on the high-quality.

Lacquerware Crafts and Buddhist Sculptures

What is more satisfying than owning the hand - made lacquerware and Buddhist sculptures from Inle Lake? Nampan Market offers a wide range of colorful crafts, produced by the ethnic minority villagers themselves. Dealers at the market wear their traditional dress - which is called Pa-O - when suggesting and putting items on display.

The whole scene of the people and the items create a masterpiece filled with different shades of different colors which you may have never seen before. However, the market opens on schedule and you need to check its schedule with the local people or the tour guide.

Gold and Silverware Crafts

Other than traditional fabrics, lacquerware and sculptures, gold and silversmiths crafts are also one of the traditions in the area. Tourists will have a chance to capture the amazing moments of turning gold as well as silver into jewelry and other types of souvenirs. To see the process of making gold and silver accessories, travelers can access to Ywana Village and buy the products directly.

Fresh Food and Fruits

Indochina area is famous for its regional tropical fresh food and each country has its own ways of using the ingredients and making its own recipe. At the Mine Thauk Market, you can treat yourself lots of merry with the local fresh fruit and vegetables, locally grown in the surrounding hill tribe. The floating market - Ywana Floating Market - on Inle Lake is your ideal place to taste the flavors of the water region’s food. The earlier you start visiting, the more local life for you to enjoy.


We would want to list out some recommendations of what you should and should not do at Inle Lake for your best trip.

  • Do try to enjoy everything the way the native people do during their daily life.
  • Do respect the local’s culture with their religious belief and customs.
  • Do wear proper clothes when visiting temples and pagodas.
  • Do mind your body language, try to avoid direct contact with their heads and tuck away your feet when sitting.
  • Learn some common phrases in Burmese, you will be surprised with how open they are when you speak a little bit of their language.
  • Don't show intimacy actions in public
  • Don't change your money at the black market 

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