Most of Bolaven Plateau belongs to the Champasak Province, which is in the very south of Laos, where the great Mekong river flows and gently bends through. The region is elevated and owns mountain ranges, spectacular waterfalls. Likewise, Bolaven Plateau also is famous for numerous coffee, tea plantations, and many ethnics group with unique features, customs.


The region bears the rain from May to October. In this period of time, many destinations are closed and paths are hard to cross, but in exchange, the waterfalls are more stunning and powerful.

From November to March, the dry season takes place with a pleasing temperature, transporting is easier.
The hottest season is from March to May, the heat is manageable but waterfalls will be at their lowest rate.


Refreshing at waterfalls

Bolaven Plateau owns a bunch of waterfalls that are considered as the most captivating of waterfalls of Laos. Among them, these would stand out:

  • Tad Fan Waterfall: the twin stream that pours down from the 120-meter straight cliff, also known as Laos most beautiful waterfall. Moreover, the surrounding view is breathtaking, lush green plants and trees cover the entire area.
    Address: Route E16, Paksong, Laos
  • Tad Yuang Waterfall: a 40-meter tall cascading waterfall is stunning from the first glimpse. With a spacious water pool at the waterfall feet, people can relax and splash in the tumbling water. Guest cottages, eateries are around.
    Address: Ban Lak 40, Road 23, Paksong, Laos.
  • Tad ChamPee: the 10-meter tall waterfall is like a curtain that covers the cave behind. Providing a nice spot for swimming and relaxing.
    Address: Between Pakse and Paksong at KM 38.
  • Tad E-tu Waterfall lies below a resort, embraced by gorgeous natural jungles.
    Address: Ban Luk 25, Paksong, Laos
  • Phasou waterfall: a splendid waterfall that pours out from the end of a 15-meter-tall red cliff. The view is stunning when observing from the wooden bridge that crosses the stream.
    Address: 33km to the North of Pakse, Bachieng District.

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Riding motorbike

Spending a couple of days and taking loops around the region is an exciting experience that a scooter-traveler would love to be through. Join the group or ride with your friend will be best to enjoy the ride. By motorcycle, you can reach many tourist attractions of Bolaven Plateau in no time. To supply guest needs, there are many agents provide the services with reasonable price, hotel, and guesthouse also available as well. During your trip, the fuel is own you, remember to wear a helmet or you will be fined.

Visiting coffee and tea plantations

The fact that Paksong district is the residence for over 5000 families that grow coffee and tea leaves, and so, this is why they declared Plateau as the coffee, tea heaven. When making a tour to the organic coffee/ tea farm, you can observe the local plating, hatching and producing the product, join a hand with them if you would love to. The best part is that you can taste the delicious coffee and tea produced right at the plantation, sure it will have the taste of fresh, pure coffee, tea flavor.
The farm is easy to find as there is a large number of them. People also organize a tour to the plantation, a reasonable price at 3$, including tickets and coffee, tea tasting.

Trekking to ethnic villages

Bolaven Plateau is dotted with gorgeous ethnic villages that possess a unique culture, which is also the purpose of the trekking tour. During your way, be pleased with tranquil, pristine natural views and the fresh air. Visiting one village to another, you will recognize the typical feature that is breeding cattle and growing plants, the people there live in little cozy stilted houses and wear traditional ethnic costumes. The villagers are friendly and hospital, taking a picture with them would be great to have in your album.

Browsing in the market

There are some local markets that scattered around the area, near the large villages. Besides selling the fresh good for the daily menu, they also provide local handicrafts and lovely souvenirs like necklaces of tribal style, bracelets, copper statues, handy bags, baskets, wallets, tartan silk, etc. The market is the gathering point to the people in the region, so if anywhere that is considered noisy, crowded and vibrant in Bolaven Plateau, it would be the market.

Admire the historical ruin of Wat Phou

Wat Phou temple is situated far from the settlement, where Laos and Cambodia border. Being even older than any Angkor Wat complex, the architecture was built around the 5th century and be recognized as the World’s Heritage by UNESCO in 2002. With the stunning design of Hindu, Khmer style and those carvings on the walls, the temple just automatically is the highlight of the region. If lucky, visit the remain in February, you can join the big festival with many special ceremonies and joyful activities with the locals.


Motorbike is the most convenient way to get to and around Bolaven Plateau as the highlight pots are scattered in the region. Hiring agents are available in Pakse, the hotels also provide motorcycle for hire, the cost is about 5$ per day.
The second way to get to the destination is by public transportation, which starts at Pakse. In this way, travelers have to tell the driver the destination they want to stop. When the visit is done, wait at the main road for the next bus. The tickets are about 2 dollars. The bus is available at 9:00 am and out of service at about 5:00 p.m.


  • Exchange to Laos currency in advance as a lack of ATM in the region.
  • Bring a snack, a couple of bottles of water, a map, a hat.
  • Ask for the price first.
  • Learn basic Laos language or install the translating app.
  • Don’t travel alone.
  • Don’t get off the track too far.
  • Don’t fight or get into a conflict with locals.

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