Bac Son situated in the very northeast of Vietnam, which is a part of Lang Son province. The district is on a highland region but owns miles of flat plain and valley, which the advantageous for growing crops, flowers, plants. On the land highlight numerous of limestones and scattered mountains. The inland district does not own a strong river flow but a small and mellow one. The area spread over 600 and be a shelter for more than 65 000 people.


The weather in Bac Son is cool and dry around the year as its upper land location, so the area is appropriate to visit at any time throughout the year.

If you are eager to visit Bac Son at its most captivating appearance, it is advisable to arrange your trip from June to October, when the yellow crops are in the harvest season. The second-best time is in January when the local festivals take place.


Hike up to Na Lay Mount

Na Lay Mount is at the height of about 600 meters and takes us about 45 minutes to an hour to hike 1200 steps to its summit. Around 8 am is a good time to start your journey. Once reached, the picture of rolling hills, limestones, yellow paddy and the gently bend river make the panorama just so stunning. Remember to bring water and snacks for energy charged.

Enjoy the simple life of Quynh Son Village

Quynh Son village is the home for the Tay Ethnic Village. Though this little gorgeous village looks modest on the outside, only until have we taken a closer look to its limb, stilt rooftop and detailed architecture, we would be surprisingly amazed.

When visiting the village, tourists can catch the image of working locals, kids playing folk games and local daily life around rustic dreamy stilt houses. It could be more fantastic when you try some tasty local dishes like sticky rice, sausages, red remixed meat, spring rolls, etc.

Bac Son is not the only town in Vietnam that offers a truly rural, being-one-with-the-nature life in Vietnam as well as other countries in the Indochina region. There are a bunch of rustic places waiting for you to explore, for more information, please leave a short message for us at Asia Links Travel.  

Refreshing in Mo Mam Stream

Although the town is not so stunning when compared to the others of the surrounding area, Mo Mam can still be a lovely place to have a little peace and quiet state of mind. People had constructed eatery, rest houses around the waterfall, an entrance ticket cost around $2 USD, special dishes are served like black sticky rice, grilled fish, meat, etc.

Learn the brief history at Bac Son Museum

The museum is keeping the pieces of evidence, artifacts from the Bac Son war. Additionally, it is also where collected the items of people who lived in the prehistoric time, which had found in the land of Bac Son. The stilt museum just takes a little of your time to browse all of its features and it will surely be worth-while.

Contemplate the flower field of Bac Son Valley

Maybe the place that people would like to be in most when touring the province is Bac Son flower valleys. Those flowers were grown by the people of Lan Gian village, Tran Yen municipality.

Between October and November, all of the flowers in the spacious wilderness will start to blossom, which creates a romantic and dreamy scenery to the area. People who lucky to visit the valley at its most stunning would be pleased and impressed this unforgettable moment of a great trip.

Visiting Nong Luc Temple

Nong Luc Temple has recently become a cultural and historical symbol of Bac Son. Built from nearly a century ago, under the Nguyen Dynasty in 1927, and used as the meeting place for Bac Son Revolutionary Campaign since 1940, the heritage is a great combination of Northern Delta and Tay people architecture when it was built in a tile roof and stilt style.


Bac Son is 160 km away from the center of Hanoi. There are two available options that might suit you the best:

  • By Bus/van: A normal bus-ride takes nearly 2.5 hours to arrive at Bac Son. Tickets from 4.5$ to 7$ (depends on the company and seat class). Air-conditioner provided, available for seat and bed tickets. Bus stations are located in every major direction of Hanoi City: Giap Bat Station, Long Bien Station, Gia Lam Station, My Dinh Station,...
  • By motorbike: The ride takes 4 hours. The average cost is from 5 to 8$ per day (fuel is on you).



  • Bring a hat, water, mosquitoes spray, sneakers, snack, jacket.
  • Travel in a big group to ensure safety
  • Bring Vietnamese cash as a lack of ATM in the area.
  • Learn several Vietnamese sentences or install in advance a translating app.
  • Bring a map to navigate the temporal place you are at.


  • Don’t perform intimate contacts in public.
  • Don’t get in fights or conflicts with the locals.

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