Address: 1130 Baltimore Ave SE, Suite F, Bandon,
Tel: +95-26 12 95

With its large open-air dining area, A Little Bit of Mandalay is a casual place to enjoy a meal. The set menus offer great value for money with options for Myanmar, Chinese or Thai dishes and the a la carte menu also features stand-out local items. With the heat of Mandalay, the extensive drinks list is a welcomed site at A Little Bit of Mandalay with fresh juices and fruit shakes being the most popular items. 

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A Little Bit of Mandalay is a great place to sample local cuisine in a clean, comfortable setting. 

Internal Note 

It is very ‘group’ filled, so better not to book FITs unless as a late lunch/dinner.

Near the Mintha Theatre so a good option if going to the evening performance.

Myanmar and Chinese menus to book- not the Tha

Services & Facilities


  • Fan
  • Air conditioning


Times & Distances

From To Km By Duration Road Condition
A Little Bite Amarapura  16 Car 30 min Good
A Little Bite Mandalay City Center 40 Car 50 min Good

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